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Since simping or whatever you wanna call it, white knighting, being a paypig whatever, has become such a huge and hilarious internet and, I guess cultural phenomenon in recent days, I think there should be a dedicated board for simpy behavior, similar how we have the lolcow boards and dime a dozen threads about specific people. Or, alternatively a single thread where we can just dump screencaps and links.
Credit to @Nejo from the Pokimane thread for the idea.


Paint me like one of your ewhores
> make a board for simps
> Hasn’t even made a thread

every post will be either “lol paypig” or autism over the definition of simp
Start a thread. That’s how every other specialty board got made.
Right, thanks for the suggestion, will get to it in a bit. Which board do you reckon I should start it on, lolcows?


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an entire board is way overkill
better just start off with some kind of general simp megathread and see how it goes
Agree. Something in Community Watch or IF makes more sense.

Girls aren't really interested in a cow like Pokimane. PULL had huge threads on her because they have their own extremely petty weird unique culture. But her thread here is just full of guys calling her a whore and the laughs come more from showcasing her simps rather than from Pokimane herself.
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