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Hello y'all, as you guys have noticed me and @Vitriol now have shiny new silver banners under our names and become supervisors to the Deep Thoughts thread.

As supervisor it is up to us to clean up this board to be more thoughtful, deep and less baity, while this might be considered a controversial move by some people Deep Thoughts is the place for serious and well thought out conversations. As supervisor we have the ability to delete posts, lock threads and the responsibility to allow everyone to speak their opinions.

We will not delete your posts because we or the community disagrees with you but we will delete, scold you &/or look down upon certain posts and threads such as:
  • Honeypot Posts to weed out others for their opinions.
  • Bait Posts to incite chimping out.
  • "Shallow Thought" Posting.
  • Opening Posts that are deemed uninteresting.
  • Posts that add nothing to the conversation.
  • "This is X, and I'm not going to explain why it's X" Posts.
  • Use of Baseless Facts, Clickbait, Unverifiable Sources in Opening Posts.
So what do you do if you see a thread or a post you think needs a kick up the ass? Report it, Don't Reply, Move on: The Moderators, Vitriol or I will handle it correctly.

tldr: If you're here to not add to the conversation, go away.
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This sub has been a little neglected for the past month. Going to do some tidying- despite apperances this is not intended as a shitposting board! Will try and give the benefit of the doubt wherever possible.

Any issues, send a pm or tts.

Update- been through almost every post made in the last 30days. Deleted a few spats and lone shitposts and moved some threads to ic. Also we have like 3 tranny threads. What is wrong with you people?
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