Defunding the Police - What’s the end goal here?


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I'm pretty sure the ideologues "on the ground" (Antifa, BLM, other protesters) actually want to abolish the police and are stupid/ideologically bound enough to believe that anarchy or "community policing" will actually work. And of course, there are the actual thugs that infest BLM, who think this is a way to keep the poh-leeze off their back while they rape and pillage.
However, I think the smarter and more cunning actors (politicians, MSM, professors) see this as an opportunity to seize power. The police are basically the only US institution not under progressive control, and are more or less the only thing directly standing in the way of unrestricted domination of the country. They might institute slight budget cuts, if only to keep true to the name, but will realistically pursue their goal by either mass personnel changes, a strict oversight division, or by reforming academies into propaganda chambers. I'm expecting a complete reform of the police force followed by a slew of complete batshit laws in the next 10 years.


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Internal investigations exist for this reason already though. Its not even the fault of police forces if internal is not doing their job.
That's only if they actually do their job. I can tell you now dude, I was in the military and in a unit with dudes that bullseyed kids for no reason and bragged about the boners they got from it and the people that were to hold him accountable sat on their asses without giving two shits. They only cared about muh racism and sex regret of female soldiers cuz muh narrative.


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Chaos + Instability = fear, lack of oversight, and opportunity.

Where there’s chaos and instability and fear there’s an opportunity to do all sorts of stuff.

some are true believers. As with all these things the believers and their useful idiot masses are used. Who benefits from no police? Not ordinary people. People will end up with the private policing they can afford. The poor will have mobs and vigilantes and the rich will have unaccountable private outfits.
It’s not just violent thug type crime that will explode. Complex crimes take a lot of police work to solve. Crimes like financial ones, money laundering, sex trafficking, child abuse etc. The idea of a social worker being able to sort that stuff is laughable. It takes national or international cooperation, specialist teams and a lot of resources.
The other goal is destabilisation. An uncivilised society does it’s justice at ground level and That’s where you end up with blood feuds etc. A civilised society outsources justice to the state apparatus - courts, police etc. This is a two sided bargain. You give up your justifiable rage and ability to kill or maim the person who did you harm, because you know that greater social good is done by this being a regulated and transparent process. You get your revenge via the state.
If that is gone, there is no weight on one side of the balance. These idiots are talking about restorative justice but what they will get is retribution, blood feuds, vigilantes and lynch mobs. Because of someone’s raped your wife and you know there’s no recourse via the state, people will take matters into their own hands.

destabilise, and jump into the gap. Opportunities at all levels, from petty crime, revenge, all the way up to an outright coup. Year zero is whatcthey want.