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Defy Media and DSP (Speculation)

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Destro1986, Nov 8, 2018.

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no one can help you


Defy Media: Worse than The DSPVerse version of Youtube, or better?

  1. Better- YT is the wurst, dood!

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  2. Worse- Reality is a thing

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  1. So, with Defy media going out of business this week, and keeping the ad revenue of ALL OF THEIR CHANNELS (including the 2 months of delayed payments) we've actually seen a Managed Partner Network do something as bad as Dave pretends they did to him.

    Didn't want to clutter up the main thread, but I'd like to talk about

    1. How this actual event compares to Dave's personal narratives; i.e. is this worse than what Dave imagines happened to him?

    2. Would something like this have killed DSPGaming? What would Dave do if that really happened to him with Curse?

    3. How bad do you think Dave's rant about the subject will be when he hears?
  2. 1) This is the real version of what Phil bitches about.

    2) This wouldn't kill DSPGaming now b/c Phil would be covered in pity bux for daaaaays. Unless his actual CPM is far higher than we think (i.e., much larger than $1-$3), he could probably make it work between Twitch and the extra pity dollars. Before he was on Twitch slash "back in the day"? Would probably depend on how much Paypal money he could wrangle up behind-the-scenes, but I think it actually could have.

    3) He'll just make it about Youtube and how they screw him over, just like he did with the Telltale software developer. His analogy will be 10 day summer sun reeking garbage, but he'll plow through with the "rising dough"-esque metaphor anyway.
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  3. Something like this could have happened to him, and he could even claim that Machinima operated like Defy Media (his Telltale analogy was likening it's situation with their employees to him and Machinima). He still voluntarily attached himself to those partnership networks:

    From "Fuck you Machinima!", to singing Machinima's praises, and back to "Fuck you!", then chasing after Laveria/Pultavi despite knowing that they were unprofessional.

    (Now that I think about it, he hasn't yet turned on Curse like the others. I suppose he's savvy enough to understand that Curse = Twitch).
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