mental gymnastics

If it’s 10pm PST, what time is it in KY?
She’s such a troll, calling herself Anglelynn and shit. Just imagine how much time she spends lurking around KF, Reddit and Twitter for her to stay on top of her game, pretending like it’s all a big joke to her and it totally doesn’t effect her mental and her ego.

Right? How completely wasteful and pointless.

I can only assume she thinks the plastic wrapper some necessary steaming effect, like the potato is being steam-baked. But you can literally just take a regular ol' potato, sans plastic, and microwave bake it with no extra bs.
Not only is it unnecessary faff but I imagine heating it in the wrapping like that would make it taste like plastic infused potato. :\

Edit: just seen the comment saying it is a legit Walmart product meant to be heated in the wrapping. Either way, its gross
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Before I watch, I predict it's a nasty ass soup. Not to discourage her if she's reading, I enjoy her weird creations.

Edit: Not soup but still nasty
Like why would you do this Amber
You were doing okay and then went full "BONE APP THE TEETH"

(It's low-key kinda pretty after I become desensitized, like everything she makes, but I know it tastes horrible lol)


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Not only is it unnecessary faff but I imagine heating it in the wrapping like that would make it taste like plastic infused potato. :\

Edit: just seen the comment saying it is a legit Walmart product meant to be heated in the wrapping. Either way, its gross
Dumb PL. I was curious and tried it one time. Years ago.
It does taste like a shitty plastic covered baked potato. It's pretty gross.

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Why does she continue to wear this? Why does she steadfastly refuse to get rid of it? Did she commission some witch or hag to banish the undying soul of a mortal enemy to this bra?

If she'd do this approximately a million times a day, faster - not faster via the magic of technology, but actually faster - she could shed some pounds. However, I think the likelihood of her walking anywhere without the promise of a reward at the end (like a package in the mailbox) is probably nil.

No shit. Zero editing, blows out the eardrums - that's her work, all right.

- Bonus shot of the curtain tassel eereengs.
Excuse you, those are stripper tassels.

- She claims she'll be "calling a doctor" - does that mean she's willing to shell out non-insurance money? Or will she be scamming some emergency/critical care clinic again? Or is she just a BIG FAT LAH like usual? Place yer bets!
This is a sucker's bet, people. Don't take it!

- Hamber is out of breath just standing to film the piles of dishes that exist, and claims she'll be putting on music and cleaning up. Smash cut to her sitting down after "Round 1" instead of proving she can stand and perform a simple household chore.
But she promised she was doing so much better. Hell, if you can't trust Big Al, who can you trust?

So... "turns out I wasn't sick at all"; referencing the ER visits but is now. Funny that - after her 2nd ER visit she told us she wasn't going to give us a diagnosis but hopefully 'with medication' it would get better but it could be DEADLY!!! Were you lying then or are you lying now?

I’m fascinated by the mechanics of obese walking. I’m used to the swaying side to side like a schooner in a hurricane, but watching her waddle down the driveway is mysterious. Ive watched it over and over and I can’t figure it out.

Do her knees bend? Does one leg go past the other leg, or is that impossible? . Does she heave the left leg over right leg, or is right foot step, even up, right foot step, even up. Impossible to tell, even watching closely. I know her fupa is pulling down on her back, causing her to lean back to overcompensate, but I’m just not sure how forward progress is made. Her feet seem to be pointed outward permanently, and I hope to God she has socks on because there is zero color in those feet which doesn’t bode well for what’s left of her circulatory system.
I think at this point her feet are pointed outward permanently. Watching MSHPL, when those folks lose weight, they're still walking with their feet pointed out, and some still even walk with that heft and swing motion because that's what their muscle memory is. Of course, we know Big Al is never going to lose weight unless something catastrophic happens (cancer, coma), so that sumo-style walkeen she has going on, with very little knee bend, will continue.


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Those wrapped potatoes cost 88 cents, and a five pound sack of potatoes costs $1.98. Though I don't find that quite as troubling as the fact she put her dish drainer on the left side of the sink and I am :triggered:
she’s left handed. :informative:

Fucking Al walking to the mailbox looks like a found footage film
It looks like it was filmed by that chick who lives in Kentucky and saw her at the vet.

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