Oh boy - another day, another video. Recap incoming. EDIT: RECAP.

DELICIOUS SALAD & EXERCISE WITH ME - 9/2/2019 (The Nightmare Continues - technically Day 76 of 100)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- Same fucking lame-ass intro. Reminder of date (September 1, 2019) rather than stating it aloud.

- Another round of shelf-ass-pats because YESTERDAY's return video has been up for "5 hours" and there are SO MANY SUPPORTIVE COMMENTS.

- She was SO CONFLICTED. (Bitch, the only conflict was YOUR STORY.) But "more than half" of her 6 years on YouTube was "as a hobby" and not being paid. So THAT'S why she continues, DESPITE the fact

- FIRST MEAL: a salad. So her video was up for 5 hours already and she's claiming this is "first meal"?

(1:38 - status of fingernail polish deterioration for those tracking the NEW timeline)

- Lettuce
- Sweet Onion Pita Chips (which are "healthier than croutons" because NutritionLynn knows EVERY crouton)
- Feta Cheese
- Dresseen
- Pepper and Whatnot (herb see-son-eens packet)

She claims 455 calories. (Dole Greek Salad Kit - 3 servings per container, and she clearly emptied everything, so that's 390 calories and 1050mg sodium.)

- "Taste Test" is the new "MOOKBONG", right guyz?

- Drops salad in her hair. Tee-hee! Her favorite part was the SEE-SON-EENS because it's the part with the salt!

- She is CLEENEEN by putting away things in the kitchen! So kind of you, Hamber! Stage 1 is in fool effect.

- Pill container haul!? It's RAINBOW BECAUSE WE ARE LEZBEENS!

- WalkingInPlaceLynn with no introduction, horrid music, and a timer to show she made it 2:48 of exercising on her feet. (Muted so we didn't have to hear the huffeen n puffeen, and STILL can't make it back to that three-minute mark she was SO ASS-PATTY about two months ago!)

- "That's not bad" (No, gorl, that's still VERY bad.)

- Reminder she edits from her phone, so she'll try and fix it in post to speed it up (and remove the breetheen).

- More drinking of NOT-HIGH-pH WATER. But that HEARTBURN, gorl!!

- Blames the lack of exercise time on the fact that she was "cleeneen" earlier.

- Stickers Haul from Necky? Really? QUALITY CONTENT.

- And there's still time left in the daylight for "Second Meal"?

- Green beans with "garlic, pepper and curry"
- Sweet Earth Curry Tiger Burrito

Claims calories are 385. (The Curry Tiger Burrito is 320 alone, with 540mg sodium. No clue how much salt or salt-based seasoning she put on dem beens.)

- She'll be having some meat for "her next meal" today.

Random Comment from "i can't give up...." (out of 4,951): Yaazz Queen - "Jelly Bean Soup wrong. I care."
Response: None.
Second Pick: Dunder Mifflin - "I love how you copied Eric by getting a intro lol"
Response: So glad her random pick talks about her "new intro"! Blathers about her history on-and-off with using intros.

- That's it. Bye.

TL;DR: Shows two of her sodium-laden meals, lies about the timeline within a single day, and can't make it to three minutes of walking-in-place exercise on-camera. SKIP FOREVER.
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6:19 - 6:30 would be an awesome animated gif of Amber. If we could remove the phone and just have her shuffling in place would be hilarious.
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"wow a lot of dressing... lemmee just use it all"
450 calories for that salad??? That isn't great at all. That's actually a pretty high value for that salad. Also, that packet of (probably msg and sodium laden) mystery herbs just doesn't seem necessary. Maybe a packet of dried oregano?
If she can make her slop soups, she can make her own fresh salad and control the calorie content of things like the dressing.
Oh, amber, never change.