Delusional idiot rants about a children's book and getting banned from Reddit -


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Cringe and lamepilled.



This is a journey into the horizon!
YES!!! Good... I would like to award Bryan's parents (who are Red-Brown informants, as previously stated) with the Hero of the Soviet Union medal as well as 2 free tickets to the front seat of Trump's speeches.
Also smiling "at"? You mean "smiling from". I am shocked and appalled at your horrible mangling of the English language, Bryan.

t. Grammar Nazi

Was it worth it by protecting leftist snowflakes such as Koncorde, AGK, JustARandommer, BatteryIncluded and Wyvernkeeper from being doxed by me through doxing me and distoring my history with disinformation propaganda and fake news?

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The threat you've witnessed is very real. I can say, you, as well as Koncorde, JustARandommer, BatteryIncluded, Boing! said Zebedee and the rest of the Wikipedia community are part of it. GamerGate, Brexit, Trump, Boris Johnson and COVID-19 are the only things you use to amplify the dangers to our own society. Now, thanks largely to you and your efforts, liberalism is all but obsolete, Donald Trump and Brexit won, with the former having two terms (to shut me up of course), and Vladimir Putin's grasp of the world is achieved. Now my mother and father (my parents) are itching to ban me from the Internet and computers, you seem to achieve what Luddites do. You see technology as a menace, as with Koncorde, BatteryIncluded and JustARandommer.

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When I got banned in 2012 by these Red-Brown admins, I'm surprised at there is something not right about Wikipedia: the Wiki software is the problem, and many believers believe the Wiki software is better to solve the world's problems. I'm guessing that this is the same dynamic with defending the Mortal Engines movie while exagerrating its strengths so that anything else fails. Wikipedia has since transformed into a platform for a clandestine network of pro-Russia Antifa operatives and useful idiots. Instead of being overtly racist, the left-wing Antifa operatives have ushered in a new era of subversive racism, of conflation, of obfuscation and of hatred.

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Boing! said Zebedee is an ally of BatteryIncluded and Koncorde; the former is American Koncorde, while the latter is British BatteryIncluded. Like them and the rest of the Wikipedia community, they are protected by the alt-right and JustARandommer in the Red-Brown alliance. He, along with Dennis Brown, Guy Macon, Koncorde, JustARandommer and BatteryIncluded, won't support net neutrality. They are not kind to immigrants, which is needed by America's tech industry. They are a bane of #TheResistance.

When will Donald Trump and/or Vladimir Putin take note?


Update: My mother just threatened to permanently end Internet access, as well as to ban me from using my computer, and possibly kill me with meds.

What about Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus? Did they predict Mortal Engines, Koncorde, Fobos-Grunt, and me?

What about Craig Hamilton-Parker? Could any of you try to get him to predict Koncorde, Boing! said Zebedee, Mortal Engines, His Dark Materials, JustARandommer, BatteryIncluded and me?
I love this post. I really, really do. There's just so much going on. I mean, Trump is going to have a second term as the President of the United States to get this guy, specifically, off the internet. And his mom and dad are in on it! wow, reality sure kicks fiction's ass.

What about Baba Vanga, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus? Did they predict Mortal Engines, Koncorde, Fobos-Grunt, and me?
Yes, Nostradamus predicted you. Here:

From the rising sun cometh one day
The world's smallest violin
Infatuated with literature
Of the lowest form
Playing a symphony
Unarranged, unhinged

Quite the accomplishment, dear Sir. Not just anyone can say they've been predicted by Nostradamus.

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Hahahaha Bryan, the next time they confiscate your computer your mom is going to throw it out the window to comply with Red-Brown alliance demands and the will of Donald Trump.

You're right. I'm laughing because your own parents are censoring you now because you refuse to take a picture wearing a hat with a propeller on top lined with tinfoil.

I told you the great nation of North Korea, the socialist workers paradise, would practice launching nukes at Kuala Lumpur.

I talked with Philip Reeve and he agreed to give me the original manuscripts and first copies of the Mortal Engines books to burn. The cultural enrichment brought about by burning these books is important to all the people.
You need to take your meds Bryan. Listen to your parents and drink plenty of water.
To celebrate Bryans censorship and the confiscation of his computer I have drawn a special picture of myself for the Red-Brown alliance to appreciate.
Screenshot_20201011-104032_Samsung Internet.jpg


This is a journey into the horizon!
By the way Bryan, you've been consecutively asking for us to be doxxed lately on your Twitter. I think you're even more retarded than I thought, since An0nResistance and the snitch who leaked my name have already been sent to the Siberian gulag, and stripped of all technology (phones, laptops, etc) and are being monitored by hard-working guards who are always watching 24/7. But don't worry Bryan, you'll only watch while I ship off these bitch-ass niggas to the Siberian gulags since you're the most interesting one and won't ever be imprisoned unless I get bored of you. If you want them to be freed and sent home, then post on the fucking farms you retard. I've said this shit so many fuckin' times, so like are you a masochist who wants to have all your technology to be destroyed while I slowly break your friends to submit to the Red-Brown Coalition's ideology?

The hard-working guards marching outside of the prison, checking to see if the counter-revolutionaries are trying to escape:
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As soon as he heard one of his parents scream “MEDS ARE MY MAKER!", Bryan the autist knew that he was doomed. He ran randomly in a panic, typing his frenzied thoughts wildly onto Twitter. Somehow the glowniggers had surrounded them! Bryan’s parents ran shrieking into the depths of the abandoned alley, the grunting, devoted glowniggers in swift pursuit. Soon, Bryan was alone.

The scrawny Malaysian autist collapsed against a wall, panting raggedly. His laptop had nearly overheated, and his cell phone was on the verge of dying. No use even if they worked, for the glowniggers had already unplugged every router on the island. By now, his whole family was surely medicated.

Lost in his thoughts, Bryan D. See did not hear the glownigger creeping up on him. Stunned by a blow to the head, Bryan was thrown violently to the floor. The glownigger grunted in amusement, bending down and examining his body. Dazed, Bryan turned his head to look up at his enemy. The glownigger agent was huge, well muscled and even intelligent for his species. Right now, the glownigger's vibrant brown skin was flashing an vibrant shade of emerald in excitement. Bryan whimpered as he realized what was about to happen.

Summoning up his powers as an Autist, Bryan bellowed in the Tard Rage and began to flail about under the glownigger. The glownigger, simply grunting, knocked him down to his knees and started riding the panicked lunatic like a rodeo bull. Already weakened, Bryan simply did not have the strength to dislodge the much heavier glownigger.

All that thrashing around served to amuse the glownigger further. His name was Gamma, and the futility of the puny Malaysian flopped around between his muscular thighs was reminding him of his mission. Gamma had meant to save the Malaysian from the fate of his fellow countrymen, but his mind was changed after realizing the stupidity of this situation. He couldn't wait any longer, whipping out his own plasma gun, Gurk seared off the back of the Malaysian's clothes, leaving his shining buttocks bare to the glownigger's judgemental gaze.

Bryan moaned in fear, his virgin asscheeks clapping firmly together to deny the glownigger entrance. Gamma simply laughed, ripping open his crude niggerish trenchcoat to reveal a glowing syringe, nearly 12 inches long. In one fell motion, the glownigger jabbed the needle into Bryan's left buttock.

Much to Gamma’s frustration, his needle was simply too small to fit inside Bryan's flabby ass. He grunted furiously, screaming “TAKE YOUR MEEEEEEEEEEDEEDS!" in his deep niggerish voice as he battered his patient's head against a dumpster. Suddenly the Malaysian’s ass gave way, and the serrated head of Gamma’s needle popped through into the forbidden halls of his veins. Gamma’s pleased snort was drowned out by Bryan’s scream of agony.

The glownigger began to pump away in earnest, his bulging muscular hands and fingers slamming brutally against his syringe. Poor Bryan was swiftly going into shock from the pain. His mind growing dim, he screamed " MEDS ARE MY MAKER!" MEDS ARE MY MAKER!", over and over as the glownigger unloaded vial after vial of classified drugs into his bruised insides. The glownigger’s serrated needle. had caused a large degree of internal damage, and Bryan was close to passing out from blood loss and fear. If his family didn’t find him soon, Bryan knew that he would soon be vaccinated into a Trump supporter. His poor laptop burst into flames as he tried to type out an final call for help on Gab, but it was too late.

Gamma roared out as he pushed the needle into the screaming autist one final time, his beautiful green syringe pumping load after load of mind-altering drugs into Bryan’s circulatory system. The glownigger pulled out as Bryan’s mind slowly relaxed, releasing Gamma’s needle with a string of blood. Gamma swiftly opened his rusted toolbox to retrievr a Band-Aid and used it to hastily cover his handiwork. He then wiped the serrated needle of his syringe with his handkerchief and gently placed them within his toolbox and closed it without making a sound as a demented grin emerged on his face. Without a moment's notice, he picked up his plasma gun and violently incinerated his toolbox. "Lev noh turace!" he moaned. With a satisfied grunt, Gamma walked slowly away from the Malaysian and climbed back into his radioactive barrel with the rest of his platoon.

Bryan’s corpse lay cooling on the floor of the alley, the charred remnants of his clothes stained dark with the foul fluids of both the glownigger and himself. And he wondered, "Was it worth it? Are meds my maker? Will I die by kittens?"

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Bryan is feeling the wrath of the Red-Brown alliance. With his computer confiscated in the name of Donald Trump he has been unable to sperg relentlessly on the internet.

In a great victory for socialism Bryan's mother has caught wind of his war with the heroes of our red-brown coalition and has censored him for us. Bryan has been unable to desecrate our beloved Wikipedia page or defame the perfect 2018 Mortal Engines movie.
Bryan's mother no longer wants him to study for his masters and doesn't want him exposing our brave agents. He will be unable to dox any of us by posting our names and pictures online. This is cause for much laughter and celebration.

He should have worn the hat with a propeller on top lined with tinfoil! Launch all of our kittens and commence the "cure" the COVID-19 program on Bryan's computer.
Bryan has lost and suffered a humiliating defeat in his battle against kiwi farms.

We can finally advance our plans to further destroy any chance of a pathetic Mortal Engines TV show and celebrate the movie. We can dance on the grave of his shitty mods. Today is a great day agents!
Screenshot_20201011-195144_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20201011-195053_Samsung Internet.jpg