Law Democratic Candidate for Congress, Andrew Yang, wants China-esque Social Credit Score - You can scratch his name off the candidate list, Democrats

How long will this last against President Trump, the Republican-held Senate, or the Supreme Court?

  • literally 0 seconds

    Votes: 67 37.6%
  • A Planck time

    Votes: 12 6.7%
  • A New York minute

    Votes: 7 3.9%
  • A jiffy (about 3 × 10^−24 seconds)

    Votes: 9 5.1%
  • Andrew Yang will be maimed by Trump, mutilated by the Senate, and raped by the Supreme Court

    Votes: 29 16.3%
  • The Absolute State, the Complete Status, the Ultimate Condition of the Democrats right now

    Votes: 54 30.3%

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You know, there's a tried-and-proven reason China's social credit system, while now mandatory, keeps blowing up in their face: They have to keep interacting with others who aren't on it. While the Japanese are the ones who first started doing this, the tactic's spread and it's only going to get funnier the more China is forced to interact with the world outside it.

If you ever have a problem with a Chinese user on Social Media, respond with something akin to "June 4th Tienamen Square Massacre" in Chinese, and, if they are actually in China, they will pretty much be instantly banned by CCP and accrue an immediate Social Credit score penalty. That's right, Social Credit has made it so you can quite literally shitpost someone so hard they can be kicked off the internet. Social Credit fucking up with the force of a nuclear device is not a matter of if, but indeed when.

I don't need to get into UBI, since half this forum has mocked that for the idiocy that it is, but the TL;DR is that it won't fucking work.

So the takeaway from this is that Yang is out of his motherfucking mind and a great example of why the Democratic Party needs to be further hazed.

Commander Keen

I hope this happens so I have an excuse to finally join social media and I can farm good boy points from white nationalists, anti-gay types, and anarcho-fascists.

I’d even do it on stream: “the alt-right is all-right tipped 1488 social credits and he is the good boy point leader, he says he agrees with everything I said. And we have hit the goal and I now can toss up the jump ball at the WNBA game next week. I will be calling them all niggers, since we hit the social point goal. Remember, always funnel your good boy points to dummy social security numbers you get at the flea markets in border states or the democrats will find you.”


Thoroughly Unimpressed
People didn't like moralists with Bibles telling them they suck.

Offering them disingenuous pats on the back and telling them they didn't suck today (but we'll see about tomorrow, won't we?) isn't gonna work much better.


This is the candidate from hell. Go figure he's Taiwanese.
Oh the irony...

I joked once that the Democrats are basically the American branch of the Chinese Communist Party. Looks like it wasn't a joke.
It's not surprising when ever since communism fell in Russia, China has been the Democrat Party's lovechild of a country to keep us oh-so-evil Americans in check.
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In before a bunch of conservatives get a lot of monopoly money and then force the government to donate it to the NRA.
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I see him having no chance of winning he is labeled a minor canadate on wikipedia and I think opponents will call him authoritarian which will likely screw him over.

Your Weird Fetish

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Yeah the comparisons to money are apt. It really is just a separate currency only absolutely entirely under the control of the US government. It's setting up a second, command economy in the shadow of the first. I'm glad he'll never get anywhere.

Maggots on a Train v2

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If this shit app is forced into reality, I promise to sub4sub any other degenerate who wants to get in on a circlejerk.
You can fix my sink every week if I fix yours.
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State-Sponsed Goodboy Points.

Does he go into any detail about what these points could be redeemed for? There's no point in having points if they're not worth anything. Even Twitter followers and instagram followers can be used to negotiate higher rates with advertisers. Of course, there's always going to be some people who will do whatever they can to get more points simply to have more of them. If a number can change, no matter how meaningless that number, an autist somewhere will obsess over it.


Isn't there some sort of socialist app like this already?
I think it's called Simbi, the ~~~symbiotic economy~~~~.
You just exchange services or do something out of the goodness of your heart and there is no evil money involved, except there is some sort of on-site currency that I don't think is actual money. Everyone on there is like offering housekeeping services or hot stone massages and in exchange they'll give you...a cool handmade necklace or make you some latte art. Honestly it's great to read the "job exchange" marquee and visualize the yuppie trash that use this. Notably, very few people seem to offering worthwhile services, like fixing your car or cleaning your gutters.

Here's a stock photo from the website's advertisement:

Remember, simbi isn't actual money. I think it's just Good Boy Points.

Club Sandwich
pretty much.

Simbi failed for the same reason Yang Boy Points would fail: you can't pay debts or taxes with them. you further and further devalue the Bells because you try to offer something "fair" or even at a slight loss or slight profit or offset the real loss of time, gasoline, electricity, consumables like rainbow scented massage oils or pizza-colored love potions whose real-world suppliers will demand real money for those goods/services.

when you're paying $3.33+shipping for cheap genuine made-in-Delhi Indian Dreamcatchers, and someone offers to follow you around for an hour playing a theme song on a kazoo in exchange for one... you wind up "buying" an annoyance for $3.33+shipping and losing your time and dignity.

with Simbi or YBP, you could participate in a bartering system that exchanges goods and services for other goods and services at a negotiable rate. however these are a net drain in a larger economy - not existing in a vacuum like Pokedollars or Zenny. because this loss cannot be made up without doing one of two things (or both if you want to the market to crash particularly explosively):

1. artificially increasing the total Zelda Rupees in circulation, therefore devaluing them in total as their "buying power" and exchange rate is lessened in order to inject cash into a losing system.
2. tying the ISK to an external (and therefore uncontrollable) base currency like the USD or Yuan or something.

if you do option 1, your economy will crash as the goods and services you provide cost external currency and you effectively lose value in the external economy because the external economy doesn't accept Dosh or Munny for purchasing more goods or services. this net loss catches up to you when you can't afford to participate in the Septims-for-Succ microeconomy.

if you do option 2, your economy will crash because now tying an external value to the Macca will have a fixed rate of defined value - making it very very tenuous for participation when you still can't exchange Simoleons for real money because the bank will need to maintain enough currency reserves to satisfy the conversion of outflowing money and purchasing external money to maintain the value of the Blood Echoes. if they don't, you can short the currency prior to pulling out entirely, bankrupting people.
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