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I skipped to like ten diff time stamps and she sits in the same place, this isnt even a mookbong. Fuck, I hate conversation Lynn with her faux heart to heart bullshit

Edit, she addresses that fact her haydurs speculate about her ability to clean herself and wipe after using the bathroom. "I kept telling myself, you do it, you have to take so many break in between, but you can do it"

Weve seen the body shots, dude. We can see that you literally cant fucking reach.

Shit stick confirmed?
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You should see my scars
Holy hell, I watched this at x1.5 speed and still almost lost consciousness a few times.

The gist of it: “I was delusional before, but now I totally get it guise!”. Yeah, okay, whatever, fuck you.

She can’t wash her body and her hair during the same shower session. So cut your damn hair! It looks awful anyway.

Prince Lotor

. . .and the blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes.
LiarLynn doesn't like being called a liar. She watched a video shading her for lying the entire year about being bedbound. ExplainerLynn says that she was in denial about it so that makes her lies not lies. The entire rest of the video is her dissembling about her lies.

Denial is lying to yourself. Lying to other people because you are in denial is still lying. She claims "delusional is her jam". How do you know you're not being delusional now?
She claims she showed us "a lot of walking in 2019".
It's almost like if you are aware you are in denial and constantly delusional you should be seeing some kind of psychologist to get you back in touch with reality, instead of just going to restaurants and surrounding yourself with enablers.

She says she can't wash her hair and her body on the same day because "it hurts too much". She has to take "a lot of breaks" when trying to shower or wash her hair because just standing up causes her unbearable pain and to "not be able to breathe".

She has "never fake cried", she "can't", she "doesn't even know how".

She has "never had sores on her legs" or "anywhere on her body". I guess she doesn't remember showing everyone Destiny having to clean and dress her weeping lymphedema wounds, or as Destiny called them: her "boo-boos".


I don’t see you walking children in nature.
Transcript time for my fellow kiwis who hate sitting through the boring ones:
  • Roughly five minutes of talking vaguely about another YouTuber who she admired but then started making content on her, talks about them the whole video but of course never drops a name.
  • Big speech about how she’s focusing in on her mental state and “Being delusional is my jam”. We know.
  • She rounds this all off with saying other weight loss YouTubers are also delusional and liars, still doesn’t drop any names though. Blames My 600ILB Life for not telling her audience she was bed bound. Says we could’ve read between the lines with the mattress on the floor and all the sit down videos. It’s not her fault she says, it wasn’t lying it was delusion.
  • Becky doesn’t help her shower or wipe. Good for Becky.
  • Claims the Lexington trip was to work on her mobility. Finally admits she did jack shit all on that trip except eat very bad food.
  • Goes back to shitting on My 600ILB Life for giving her an alleged poor representation of bed bound. Ya know, trusting tv over a doctor.
  • “Lying and denial are two different things.” She’s trying hard to sell it.
This is where the video gets a little weird because she does a vague Q & A with the first YouTuber she talks about. Still doesn’t give a name, what a pussy. Paraphrased the questions a bit.
  • What is the bed bound timeline?
In 2018 she was at her peak bed bound. Claims in 2019 it slowly stopped.​
  • Why lose weight now?
She doesn’t want to die. She’s 30 now guise she’s so old. Went on a whole tangent about how a screw in her brain clicked and now she’s changed for real.​
  • Why do you laugh whenever you talk about something serious like your lymphedema or your weight?
“Nervous habit”, says we don’t see her tears or struggles. Also states she’s never fake cried on camera.​
  • Weight ever been higher than 572.4?
Pretends to know how calories work and vaguely explains how she maintained while bed bound. Short answer she says no.​
  • Do you have sores on your legs?
“Neeeeeooooow” (no).​
  • How much time do you spend in bed now?
4-5 hours before actual bedtime. Claims to use this time for editing videos, catching up on YouTube, and being writer-lynn. New Amber word, “collectick”, aka collective. More asspatting rounded off with “I am not a liar I was just in dEnIaL”. Sure, Jan.​
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Of course Amber would respond to some boring ass white girl, not someone like MBP or CG.

Y'know someone who would actually fight back.

As savvy as Amber has been about youtube, she still hasn't realised that her own channel has peaked and now she is being surpassed by crazy drama fatties.

When all is said and done, Amber is just some boring fat girl with nothing to say.