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The thing that has entertained me the most from the last two vlogs? Knowing that Becky (who admittedly has lost a shit-ton of weight), spent most of last year in a drug-induced whirlwind of takeout runs for her bed-bound girlfriend. Was it just the drugs rendering her incapable of refusing Amber, or was it some passive-aggression kicking in?

The fact that Amberlynn in all her bed-bound glory insisted on sending her drug-addled butler out in the car to pick her up fast food is just so typically Amberlynn. Nothing gets between a gorl and her fast food! Was Amberlynn secretly pleased that Becky was basically catatonic and therefore less likely to question a fetch-me-more-food-NOW order? I have so many questions.....


Go cry to someone else lol
Amber just wants people to start gossiping about her and making videos about her again.

But just like her druggie parents, her viewers will abandon her for more entertaining fatties.
This is true. Everyone has gravitated to the Chantal/Charlie Gold show and Amy’s Lying Journey. Amber is being left in the dust so she thought by confessing her “delusions” she’d turn it around.
Show them layggs, gorl. This will be the way back to fattie stardom.

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She can't do anything properly, can she? She's a complete failure as a weight loss/inspiration channel, doesn't truly understand ASMR, doesn't have a personality save for those she borrows & includes in her varied personas & can't be nearly as spectacular a train wreck as many of the other "weight loss" channels?

I envision her standing & screaming: "Are you not entertained???" but sadly, that's a cultural reference I don't think she'd grasp.
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Interesting how, when talking about her relationship with Becky, she did not mention how her weight and being bed-bound effected their sexual life.

It's almost as if they don't have one. Hmmmm.
What? That's crazy talk. They're so in love and totally fine and totally not going to break up soon so they prob have sex like all the time


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
You guys ambers not a liar, she just made a entire video detailing the weightloss doctor telling her to eat lean meat and veggies then uploaded 2 days later saying he said not to eat them. All of her lies defiantly aren't well documented over 6 years.

I finally watched that girls vid, I notice amber never acknowledges the structure aspect that she brought up. There is more to life than visiting friends and going to walmart once a day now that shes more mobile. Thats why I said she purposely buys a day or 2 worth groceries because she needs something to pretend like shes this busy adult woman with errands to run. She could do online school but I dont see her sitting down and putting effort into even one class and she would use it as a scape goat to binge because stressed from class 🙄
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