Dennis Prager, the Unbearable Fagger creates a kids show.

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ESL teenager spouting gibberish and angry words.
Jan 19, 2021
OP seems to be pretty heavily implying that this voluntary program is brainwashing and its devisor is a pedo.

At least it’s not ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ you disgusting commie faggot. Or is allowing convicted homosexual sex offenders and child molesters to brainwash kids okay because their retarded leftist politics align with your own?

Go get pozzed in the neg hole, OP, you public-bathroom-haunting, CRT-spouting, BLM-fellating gay commie piece of shit.


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Nov 5, 2018
American cartoons are full of left wing propaganda so Prager making a cartoon with right wing propaganda is par for the course.
I personally think that any ideologically charged content is not suitable for kids but, since one side does it over and over again, so can the other side.
If you don't want your kids to watch this stuff then start being a parent and don't just sit your kids in front of the screen and call that parenting.

That being said, your post is a lot like when all the "anti-SJW" assholes lost their minds when the ad for the She-Ra cartoon came out.
All the Sargons ad the Fandom Menaces cried about "LGBT indoctrination" and other nonsense after seeing a single picture.
A remake of a show that was specifically created for girls and gay boys (creators of the 80's show said so) will have LGBT themes? NOOOOOO!!!!!
Then the thing came out, both the audiences and critics liked it and everyone went quiet.

How about you wait until the fucking show comes out before you say bullshit like:
"Teaching kids about gay people when they're young is indoctrination!!!" But teaching them that God hates them and to live in fear is totally fine.

Jul 22, 2021
I mean I know hes a jew and that just makes him bad automatically but I dont think it's that extreme bud. But then again holding an american flag is just as much as saying you love faggots at this point so it's kind of a toss up.

mario if smoke weed

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Jan 20, 2021
Dennis Prager already has his own cartoon.

Maxxicus Callahan
Jan 5, 2021
I don't think this content even lands much with ordinary Republicans and conservatives anymore. No matter how much money the Koch Brothers and Dennis Prager throw at their propaganda machine the ordinary working person left or right knows the political system isn't serving them while there is money in politics. Wasn't Bezos approved financial aid from congress for Blue Origin? I mean thats tax payers money going to one of the richest people on Earth for a scientifically useless mission for space tourism. It's just socialism for rich cocksuckers.

Maybe I shouldn't be commenting I'm not even American but a lot of countries have problems that are not too dissimilar with a class of industrial, financial and political elites that work in their own class interests against the interests of ordinary people, they might throw you a bone once in a while but they primarily concern themselves with their own power and maintaining the illusion of democratic choice when the choices are both fundamentally for the interests of the richest, unless it is people coming out of left field trying to break up the power structure.

It was an interesting argument I heard for Donald Trump that he is already rich so why would he need to take political bribes of course he was a fake populist but nonetheless it is a good indicator of how people are feeling about a system that doesn't work for them. I think there is a need for a language to articulate this, unfortunately the people who have dived full on into Q anon and Trumpism know on some level there is something wrong and deeply flawed about the political system but they lack the words and a historical understanding of how entrenched power has always operated between the haves and have nots going as far back to chieftains and pharaohs.

Still the post-modern Trump wing of the Republican Party has more potency than what Dennis Prager, Mitch McConnell or the Koch Brothers can offer in terms of status quo conservative wisdom and culture war moral panics for distractions.
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Marissa Moira

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Apr 19, 2019
Dennis "No means Yes" Prager is coming for our children!
You Nambla fucks buy up like all the kids from the cartel slavers and the single one that slipped through the cracks and into the loving arms of Dennis "Q" Prager is the the rallying cry for protecting the children?

You're not entitled to preteen bussy, parents are not benevolent shepherds that you can just go around and have your pick of the flock just because you're a public school teacher.