Deribit ETH Futures launch is imminent -

  • Order for the new server will be going in ASAP. Performance will be rocky until then (rip).


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Deribit had a big update the other day and among other important features (reduce-only orders) they've added ETH futures (perpetual, quarterlies). Trading has not begun yet, but ETH deposits are open. There will be no fees on the ETH contracts at launch. I will be trading the launch, I expect high extreme volatility from lack of liquidity.

Consider yourself notified.

Edit: we now have an exact time at 13:00 UTC, in a hour and ~15 minutes

Edit2: Deribit has been pretty good about staying roughly at index price, no absolute craziness. Lots of opportunity as it is looser than spot or BitMEX. We had a darth maul candle across the market.
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