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Well Derich, you finally did it. You've achieved what few DSP fans have been able to achieve and that's being so autistic that you've made it to the Big Leagues here on the farms. I could give him a bio but Nigel did a great one already, so here it is
And since we've no place to go
Let's just dox, let's just dox, let's just dox

Hey Derich glad you could join us.

Name: Derich Ip
Nickname: Derichloveslemur Derichloveswwe Derichlovescanada Derichlovesraptors
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada / Markham, Canada
Birth date: 12 JAN 2002
High school: Kennedy Public School
College: York University
Work or whatever: Air Cadets 351, Silver Star Squadron

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008162467451

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCWDhOmBgkIRobdU4iNc6Rlg

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/derichloveswwe?lang=en

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/derichlovescanada/?hl=en

Random sites:

Couldn't find a good dox of Derich, so I made one. Have fun and dig further if you want.
Dude is a child, and Phil really likes him, because Phil is a child entertainer.

Again to all his fans, if you ever commented in his chat on Twitch, ever interacted with his Twitter, you can win my raffle. Going after everyone that supports this con artist, not just paypigs.

See you later Derich!
Derich isn't just a retard, he's a coomer who 24/7 has to post about porn.....on his public profile. So when he's not talking to his Gout Father, he's tweeting at jail-bait thots (and dudes, Derich doesn't discriminate) and tweeting about his favorite porn scenes



Derich is very inclusive! Having a dick does not bother Derich when it "cums" to his daily fapping
Big ups to Derich Watch for keeping us up to date on this retards sexual exploits!

In addition to this, Derich had a youtube playlist of "cute little girls" which has since been deleted.
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Oh yeah, he applied to working at his local Toys 'R' Us......because why buy a van with bags of candy when you can just work at a toy store?


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I was thinking of when I first became aware of DerichWatch in early January (who does great work by the way): Derich was in his birthday countdown, telling everyone how many days were left until he turned 19. I suddenly realized that he mostly tweeted at wrestling figures: WWE, AEW, that weird Japanese wrestling thing, with a few thots mixed in. It was a change when he started subtweeting nudes. Today he's doing endless shoutouts to years-old porn shoots, responding to tweets announcing new videos, doing regular mass shoutouts to his entire Rolodex of actresses (and actors), and strategizing with fellow coomers about how to maximize engagement.

All this escalation after a month and a half. I'm worried where this little coom-brain will end up.

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@DerichLovesNWA either put together this spreadsheet, or at least posted it, of the times and amounts this kid is Tweeting. It's like near 100 or more Tweets a day now and there is only a 3 to 4 hour window per day that he is not Tweeting.
View attachment 1904866
Derich’s schedule.

credit to Derichwatch
These stats for Derich's twitter are ridiculous:

View attachment 1890081
View attachment 1890080

He went from averaging about 25 tweets per day to well over 100 tweets per day in the past few months. It's also 8am on the east coast right now, and he's actively replying to porn tweets, something he was also doing 5 hours ago.

This is the kid who got in trouble a few years ago for stealing his mom's credit card to subscribe to DSP. He pronounces his own name as 'Derish' because "it has a 'c', it's not like the one with a 'k'".
Excuse my ignorance if this is normal and sorry if this has already been brought up, but the way Derich pronounces his own name is fucking weird (to me at least):

View attachment 1889416

I always thought Derich was pronounced like Derek/Derick etc.

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You really let the abyss stare back unto you? Ew.
I do worry that with the exponential uptick of attention Derich is getting from his equally exponential uptick in turning 19 and becoming a porn addict will cause him to disappear from the internet. Maybe his mom or his boss will search "Derich Ip" and because he's been garnering so much attention, his "derichloves[blank]" accounts will form a very distinct digital footprint and he'll get parented for once. He would probably just come back under a slightly different name, though.
Derich's unique name made it really easy for him to be found through the suggested google terms, it really is a curse.

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