Describe how you look IRL, using a lolcow for reference - How many of you are deathfats?

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The Last Stand

Justice pour Norma Shearer
True & Honest Fan
Like, excuse you, sir: I look like Felicia Day if she had Laura Loomer's old nose, thankyouverymuch.


I would have Low Tier God's chicken legs.

Russell Greer but female and if he was a zombie. also less of an "i have down syndrome even though I have Moebius syndrome" face and more of a "little dead girl from a horror movie" appearance.

Nig Kang Theory

True & Honest Fan
I look exactly like Chris if he was a totally different person with a different face and hair, who weighed less and was super smoking hot. This is why I post on KiwiFarms all day in between my back to back slam sessions with hot e-trads irl.

Slimy Time

Long and lanky.
Elliot Rodger if he was older, had testosterone, shorter hair, and broad chested. Also lacks any inclination to shoot up a school.