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Heres my question: how many separate threads will phils bankruptcy spawn on these autistic forums?

􀂄 1-49
􀂆 50-99
􀂆 100-199
􀂆 200-999
􀂆 1,000-5,000
􀂆 5001-10,000
􀂆 10,001-25,000
􀂆 25,001-50,000
􀂆 50,001-100,000
􀂆 More than 100,000

Prince Lotor

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Full stop: Is this going to be investigated by the FBI?

Also what is the point of having a question thread if no one answers any of them? Is this just tard wrangling?
The answers to questions being submitted are being compiled in the Bankruptcy FAQ thread and the lolcow llp thread keep checking back with those as they are being updated to provide as accurate an analysis and clarification as they can.


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Why won't Phil do his Kermit the Frog impression anymore?
He refuses to now :(
He always seemed so happy when he did his Kermit impression
For all his talk about embracing the Frahg meme, maybe he realizes that it will be too easy to mock him for literally acting like a Muppet in service of being a children's entertainer.


Vincent Dawn
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Yeah, I'll stop on my end. Only came in because I was brought up.

Last thing I'll say: Everyone needs to stop acting like they're better than someone else when we all use this TAHXIC ass website dedicated to laughing at/shitting on lolcows.
The Farms has some of the nicest people I've dealt with on the internet. So fuck you, nigger.

Bryan Dunn

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this dude is flipping shit lol, reminds me of WoR's a-logs going apeshit. VERY cozy.

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also "right and wrong people", fuck off. DSP is just some fucking guy and this guy's been cheerleading him to go bankrupt and eat shit out of a trash can for fucking years, to the point where it is probably his biggest hobby in life.
Fairly certain he has an account on this site. I dont remember his old username that he went by but im pretty sure he has posted around here plenty. The name of it was the name of his old twitter handle(I think)


Praise 'til you're hollow
That's him? Sorry, I couldnt remember his old Handle.
Fucking bullshit.

"Couldn't remember his old handle." You're so steeped in dsp-tism, it's incredibly difficult to believe that you don't remember any of the major players in the game. It's easier to say "whoops, didn't see that!" than to spin that bullshit tale.