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I've got more demons where that came from.
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Sorry for being late but could someone be so kind to explain the joke about DSP outlasting other YouTubers, streamers, etc.? I'm less familiar with him at this point than Etika; is DSP really reckless?
He's a fucking pigroach.


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F for Etika. Another internet man has been claimed, this time by suicide.

I don't understand why so many people in this thread seem to think that it's impossible to both appreciate Etika as a lolcow and be saddened by his death. His mental health completely fell apart in a frighteningly short amount of time and pretty much everybody who made a serious effort to help him was just pushed away by him. Watching mental illness claim somebody in real time is pretty depressing. Still doesn't mean that I can't find his antics amusing or laugh at jokes at his expense. That "GAME!" image in particular is fucking hilarious.
For some people, the death of Etika would mean one can't laugh at the shit he was known for even though one could still look at the antics of a dead guy and still laugh while knowing how fucked up they may of been by various things.

Etika was a lolcow through and through, and it's not every day that a lolcow commits suicide. I think it's fair to say that tensions/emotions are going to be high since he was only confirmed dead mere hours ago. Nobody is trying to "virtue signal", cases like this just remind us that we are all human and mental illness can happen to anyone.
The recent confirmation of his passing would no doubt lead to tensions and emotions, at least among those that are fans of him, ironic or unironic. As for "virtue signal" and the like though, that won't be long before it rears its head in.

Marissa Moira
I may be slow on this, but was there a credible source as to the descriptions circulating in regards to the condition of his body?
If you want to see stuff, look at some of the 9/11 footage where the bodies hit the streets, granted it's from a much greater height so the bodies won't resemble much when they hit the ground. You can also try and find info on national parks because if it has a famous mountain, someone's jumped from one and that's a comparable height to the bridge. The Golden gate bridge also has a good amount of jumper information, it's also the bridge with the most amount of survivors. There's no real difference between hitting the ground or a body of water from that height.

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