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Fully Eshay Skits Bruh

Never forget Cronulla beach
That was gayer than pride month, bruh. I clicked on that video hopin, like, this dude was gonna go balls to the wall bruh. Like he was gonna shit on everyone pretendin' to cry over Etika, bruh.

Seriously though. The only thing for this to reach Bruceploitation levels of exploitation is five black guys with flat top haircuts streaming about Smash.
Someone should do an ouija board and summon, then ask if Steve will finally be in smash.


Making Nanomachines great again
Someone needs to chanel his spirit to see how he will rract to the last two smash bros characters.

OB 946

You know, unpopular opinion here, but I don't think he meant to kill himself. You don't take your Nintendo Switch to a suicide, or leave it, among other things, in a pile by the river. I think maybe he wanted to look like he was going to kill himself, jumped into the river, and then accidentally died from drowning after breaking something or being pulled under by the current.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but generally people in manic states don't do the suicide thing, and he seemed to want attention more than want to die.

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