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Youtuber Gamerfrommars and others are blaming memeology101 for Etika's death.

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lol these niggas are having a full-on slapfight



That 3rd and 4th screenshot in GFM's tweet is the BetterHelp shit, and he's acting like that's targeting someone for their mental health for some reason.


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lol these niggas are having a full-on slapfight
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That 3rd and 4th screenshot in GFM's tweet is the BetterHelp shit, and he's acting like that's targeting someone for their mental health for some reason.
Not surprised GFM is doing this. He has dumb hot takes on drama all the time from the Patrice Wilson shit with H3H3 to even the Change the Channel drama. Doesn't help he fabricated drama with Game Theory where he somehow made Matpat look like the bigger man.


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Yeah I don't get why people are so broke up about Etika's death. What because he was YouTuber? People fucking kill themselves all the time. I dunno, maybe I just wasn't following the guy. Personally, I think Chloe Sagal setting himself on fire in the name of mental health and having his message completely ignored, in favor of making it about bullying, was more tragic.

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These things need to happen.

The government needs to shut down Google.

Google's HQ needs to bulldozed.

The site needs to be turned into a huge pyramid to commemorate Etika with a sign saying "NO BITCH NIGGAS".

No information as to why we did this should be placed in the pyramid in order to flummox future archaeologists trying to reconstruct our civilisation after it inevitably collapses. Also all construction materials used in the pyramid should have messed up isotope ratios to stop them doing radioisotope dating. I'd suggest a process analogous to the way the U-235/U-238 ratio is manipulated to produce reactor fuel.

All this will be ferociously expensive but Google has a lot of cash and Google workers should be forced to haul the stones for the pyramid. Trump will play the role of Pharaoh and James O'Keefe will chief whip wielder.
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How was he a dick?
Read the OP. I outlined how Etika treated his fans and people who cared about him (Sky Williams, his ex-girlfriend, etc.) like shit. He would regularly e-beg for no reason (other than just wanting money). He said he didn't need his fans, even though they're the entire reason he was relevant and got money on the Internet.

It sucks he an hero'd, and it was terrible that he was as mentally ill as he was. But that does not excuse the shit he would do publicly.

...he was suicide-baiting?? In Twitter, people simply mentioned that he was dead by suicide! I did not know of this part!
That's because Twitter's been poisoned by moralfags who ratio and try to silence everyone who attempts to bring up what Etika has done before the time of his death. He's suicide-baited multiple times, and anyone who had tabs on this dude when this thread was only four pages long would tell you that.

I have more sympathy for those who feel sad over his death than those who try to profit off it, or those who just shit on him because he's "a black nigger who ate watermelon on stream" or whatever. But the reason you didn't know that Etika's done this shit is because of moralfag Etika fans who force everyone to suck his withering black cock.


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People are losing their shit over this guy. Gotta say though, some of the ways people are reacting to it is great.

This dude has made like 20 vids in the past 24 hours just to say "Fuck Etika".
Holy shit, you weren't lying. This dude seems to make like 20 videos for every fucking topic lmao


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Seriously though, how was he a dick?
I'm not saying he actually was a dick, but raking someone over the coals for him being dead because that guy thought he was a dick when he was alive is bullshit. It's not like that memeology dude murdered him or anything.

I'm just reminded of how we get blamed every time some lolcow an heroes even if we had absolutely nothing to do with it, even though the lolcow was a fucking ridiculous piece of shit anyway.

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