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Wow truly a deadringer for Gypsy Rose in this image. Those plushies in the background is creepy and his face, he looks so broken. Even Gypsy could fake a smile when her mother literally beating her behind closed doors, I cannot imagine what is the deal with Desmond's home that he looks like this even when he is "posing" for the video. He also looks to be getting taller, more masculine, and for a Narc like Peggy she is going to have some cognitive breakdown when he goes through puberty.

It's insane, I look at him and see in an instant the hallmark traits of being abused. Not because he dresses weird or looks like a girl. It is in his face, his voice, his presentation and mood. He always look scared. I would say unbelievable that no professional has done something yet, but then again, no one ever successfully could report DeeDee Blanchard...
Both Dee Dee and Piggylou learned how to play the current politically correct system to their advantage in order to get away with the most disgusting kind of child abuse. However, Piggylou shouldn’t get too cocky, we all know what happened to Dee Dee.


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That child is fucking starving. Medication or no medication, autism/sensory problems or none, that child is not getting proper nutrition. This is absolutely something that a person in Desmond's IRL life should be reporting to child services.

Also, called it on the blobfish likely being #spon or at least a freebie.


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When girls get scary skinny like that at this age, it often goes unreported and unacknowledged, after all, they're just trying to look like runway models! A lot of them end up with undiagnosed eating disorders that cause health problems for the rest of their lives, because no one even fucking bothers reporting starving girls. Starving boys usually get noticed more (and bullied more), but Desmond's whole presentation makes it so that I bet a lot of people are making the same excuses about him that they'd make about girls.

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Look at his skinny arms. As someone said in this thread, Piggylou is very likely to punish him without food.
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FUCK PEGGY PIGGY WINDEY WIGGY whatever this bitch name is, disgusting narcissist abusive to her son (and daughter). I usually never would speak this aggressively on the internet. But simply nothing has got me this mad.

If he was this skinny from medication/neglect, that would be the best case scenario. More likely that Desmond is refusing to eat and neglectful Peggy doesn't care enough to push the issue, even MORE likely that she is starving him/shame him for eating. And my opinion is that the most likely, is a mix of her starving him and him having an eating disorder. When the mom has an eating disorder/food intake problem it is common the son will get one even though we're used to it in daughters. I knew some who were obsessed to only eat one or two foods and would refuse anything else, and it was because the mother was very anxious. I don't know if I am more upset by Peggy starving him or Desmond restricting his food because he needs to assert control over one thing in his life. Controlling his food is probably the one way his mom is okay with letting Desmond having control in his life, even more convenient for her because she was no good at controlling her own food anyway. I bet she is secretly thrilled that Desmond has the "willpower" to not eat, whether that comes from Adderalls or a desperate grasp for something secure in his own life, besides Mommy Dearest in charge of literally everything else.

Hopefully something will happen that saves Desmond from this home and poor excuse for a family. People wonder why in stage parent cases, nobody ever "said anything" or did something, just watched the show go on until somebody gets traumatized or dies. Well we are saying something here, and like others on the thread I hope Desmond knows, some day, that we all saw and truly wished for his freedom and happiness. We just couldn't do anything about it. Or we didn't know how.

I'm sorry Desmond.


Because he's gay and Gender Fluid. The Gaystapo would go after anyone that raises questions about his well being.
Hell even if I knew nothings gonna happen cause of Gaystapo I'd still report that shit if a child like that showed up where I work because if I don't my license is on the line when someone finally does care about the kid and finds out I didnt report.


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