Horrorcow DESMOND IS AMAZING / desmondisamazing / Wendylou, Andrew, & Desmond Napoles - Child being abused/sexualized by parents for financial gain and fame.

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Jan 9, 2019
Firstly, all the adults featured in this need to go on a watch list. Any adult who chooses to work with him is suspicious in my eyes.
Agreed. As for the kids, they don't quite look all there, they seem more than just awkward, possibly autistic or retarded somehow. I mean, no kid can consent to the sort of shit Wendy has Desmond do, but these seem like especially vulnerable kids to me.


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Jul 27, 2020
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whats sad is Desmond is now a teenager where body development sky rockets. Instead of doing something athletic he's focusing his time/energy on useless activities. He should be out running around on a sports team developing muscle coordination and instead it looks like he has trouble walking. all the mannerisms he's learning come from men who dress as women. And I'm sorry but if he's going to wear tight outfits dude has to learn to wear a dance belt. :story:

I hope he wanders into a bro-gym in NYC on a whim and the dudes there take him under their wing.


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Sep 6, 2017
Sorry for double-posting, but I don't think editing my last post will update people who follow the thread.

I looked at PEG a little more closely and saw, that yes, they have known alleged predators in their mix. Shocking, right, that Desmond would wind up working with such people! This past NYE, they threw a virtual drag show. One of the performers, and recording artist on PEG, was somebody named Sharon Needles, which is a red flag right away just from the name. Apparently, they won season 4 of Drag Race.

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Even a dyed-hair Aussie ACAB SJW couldn't hang with this.

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Jacob Temple wasn't having it either. None of these people are "alt-right" or Christian fundies or anything like that.
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What were these allegations against Sharon Needles? Well, luckily, our fellow Kiwis had this covered already.

From our Drag Queen thread, thanks to user "Teat".

"Not surprised by this in the slightest. Sharon has been messed up and has a history with substance abuse and bad behavior. There was a vine (that unfortunately I can't find) of Sharon slapping a fan, and putting out a cigarette on her skin. But they were both adults and it was a consensual "joke". Kids and drags do NOT mix, and this is why."

From the Rupaul thread, thanks to user "Sammelt er Schmetterlinge".

"Sharon Needles got accused along with receipts of predatory behavior to some 15 year old girl.
Encouraged her to kill herself, blew weed smoke into her mouth, told her to cut deeper, whipped his dick out in front of her, pulled a knife, punched her, molested her, threatened to kill himself in front of her."

At her peak, the city of Pittsburgh declared a "Sharon Needles" day. Nice optics for a city with a significant heroin and opioids problem.

For more on Sharon, here is her Rupaul fanpage from their wiki. Note that there is a vandalism warning on her page with a redirect to the comments section.

Comments section dunks hard on Sharon.

The original google doc that the accuser posted is no longer available. (don't like to be the "archive everything" guy, but seriously, this is why important stuff like this should get archived).

Here is a summary of the accusations in the doc from livejournal.


  • Annecy has been a fan of drag since the age of 13, but at 15, officially became "friends" with then-31-year-old Aaron. Annecy is now 22.
  • Summer of 2013, the two became "buddies" on Vine after Annecy tried to overdose on ibuprofen and someone else told Aaron about their suicide attempt. Annecy was sent videos via Vine of Aaron yelling "eat more pills, Annecy!" and mocking them for being suicidal. Annecy writes: "Even though it hurt, I just let myself be starstruck and believe it was a form of tough love. I found a video of me when I was 15 talking about a phone call I had with her that night gushing about how she told me I needed to keep eating pills because I was alive and it wasn’t working and that suicide was beautiful and that I was an idiot."
  • Several months later, Annecy was invited to be on a Drag Race-themed cruise after winning second place in a contest. Aaron and Annecy met in person at a hotel before the voyage, even though Annecy was still only 15 at the time. Aaron got out some weed and "shotgunned" it aggressively into Annecy's mouth. "I never even had my first kiss yet and a 32 year old man was blowing drugs into me mouth to mouth," they wrote. They showed Aaron their self-harm scars and Aaron accused them of "doing it wrong" and encouraged them to "cut deeper."
  • While aboard the cruise, Annecy told Michelle Visage that Aaron had given them drugs, and Michelle was horrified. Aaron presumably got a slap on the wrist for it, and was very angry with Annecy. He confronted them about it and was "literally scary."
  • Aaron plied them with alcohol even though Annecy said they didn't like the taste of it (and again, was only 15). Aaron also continued the regular "weed shotguns," and left lipstick on Annecy's mouth. He also regularly did drugs in front of them, including molly, crack, and poppers, and encouraged them to try poppers.
  • They wrote: "She would pee with the door open around me...The last night of the cruise she made me walk around with her for like 30 minutes while she drunkenly made out with every dude we passed."
  • Aaron whipped out his penis once in front of Annecy, and when they were reasonably horrified, Aaron blamed them and said "You should have looked away."
  • Aaron got extremely drunk one night and punched Annecy in the arm. He also hit them "really hard with a knife."
  • Aaron played with Annecy's boobs and slapped and groped their butt.
  • Annecy had to scream for help one night when a depressed Aaron threatened to jump off the ship's balcony and commit suicide. "I was 15 years old trying to save my idol from jumping off a cruise ship."
  • While on the cruise, an adult man approached Annecy and attempted to groom them. Annecy told Aaron, but he advised them to keep quiet about the abuse.
  • After the cruise, the two continued to chat regularly on FaceTime, and work together in a play in San Francisco. On one occasion, Aaron asked Annecy on FaceTime what they masturbated to.
  • When Annecy was 16, Aaron convinced them to stop taking their Prozac cold turkey. Aaron also sent them nudes of another teenage boy that he was "friends" with at the time.
  • When Annecy again showed Aaron their self-harm scars, Aaron advised them to cut in "argyle patterns."

Wendy Lou, you did it again! Even with Alig dead, your dream of having your son associate with dangerous predators is alive.

Very late, but after some research this Annecy girl (accuser) seems to be a bit of a cow herself. She’s apparently a known stalker in the RPDG world and very mentally unwell, and has accused lots of queens of bad behavior. I’d give anything she says a VERY critical eye.

They begged and ignored their mother when they would sneak out to clubs in NYC underage with a fake ID. When I would see them at the club I would tell the doorman their real age and they would throw them out.

They were commited into a psych ward for a while too. So they forcefully left Brooklyn /NYC

Anytime you see them in the club (now of age) they're on drugs or beyond drunk.

The only person to blame is Annecy and their antics.

They play victim all the time and I have seen it first hand when they were removed from my friend group after we found out they lied about their age.

For the record, I never liked them and could see through the facade right away.


This is what happens when children are left to enter adult spaces. Their mental illnesses run wild. Keeps kids away from adult shit.

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Jan 27, 2020
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FFS, Piggylou. If you're going to whore Desmond out by sticking him in an abysmal music video, you could at least make it a bit more contemporary. House-infused bubblegum pop died around the same time as Kurt Cobain.
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Jan 26, 2020
What a cavalcade of freaks and perverts that was. :cringe:

Desmond still only has a few stiff moves that he repeats over and over... I dunno how much more mileage Shamu can get out of him effeminately waving a finger in front of the camera and/or voguing a hand across his own face. It got old years ago.

I'm pulling for a puberty-induced rage fit when he'll tell mama where to shove her glitters&gays exploitation. :optimistic:


Jul 21, 2016
What a cavalcade of freaks and perverts that was. :cringe:

Desmond still only has a few stiff moves that he repeats over and over... I dunno how much more mileage Shamu can get out of him effeminately waving a finger in front of the camera and/or voguing a hand across his own face. It got old years ago.

I'm pulling for a puberty-induced rage fit when he'll tell mama where to shove her glitters&gays exploitation. :optimistic:
Something tells me his puberty-induced rage fit will be fruitless unless he combines it with a clawhammer to the skull.

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Apr 26, 2021
The vibes that the "quirky" adults in that video give off: