Horrorcow DESMOND IS AMAZING / desmondisamazing / Wendylou, Andrew, & Desmond Napoles - Child being abused/sexualized by parents for financial gain, and fame.

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Notice how she blends the truth with lies to lend herself more credibility, I don't think I've read a single article that claims he was giving lap dances, but he absolutely was stripping for money in a seedy gay bar at an hour where his peers would have been put to bed hours ago. Based Ohio is trying to nip this shit in the bud.

Brb, voting Republican for the rest of my life

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I feel so sorry for these parents... NOT

Desmond's parents are quoted saying:

Who gives a shit? It's child exploitation.

That's like saying, "I pimp my child out to NAMBLA as a prostitute, but we put the money into a trust fund for college, so it's all good."

Wouldn't the fact that he's getting money violate child labor laws?
Hmmm, that all depends. There's no laws against children getting money for doing any performing, per se, but it looks borderline in this case. I wouldn't be surprised if they looked up the statute themselves, and found a way so they're just right within the law.


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Yeah I asked about the labor laws because it's different for each state. I hear some are a lot more strict than others.

I love how people in the instagram were like 'well if we are gonna ban drag kids we should ban child beauty pageants too!' It's ironic cause both are pedophile fests and makes most sane individuals cringe on the inside. It sounds almost like 'lol we let our little girls perform for pedophiles, why not our sons?'

Wendy is such a terrible parent that she has to asspat herself on the instagram she is running pretending to be her son because most likely everyone hates her.


Child beauty pageants are disgusting too, so why they think the comparison is a GOOD thing
I agree, a lot of these people who do child beauty pageants are essentially using their kids as an object to show off with. And this whole Desmond Is Amazing business is just that, a business, this kid is supporting "Trans", LGBTQ and willingly dresses like a clown? yeah right?

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Why aren't the LGBTQ community offended by this? It's blatant commercialism appropriating their movement. These aren't his words or his thoughts.

Combine that with "Yeah adding P to the LGBTP movement is a bit weird but if we complain they say it's hate speech and reeee at us, so just ignore them, they can't cause any real harm." and you get the slow motion train wreck you're seeing.

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It might just be because of the make up, but he looks like a drug addict in this picture
Nah fam, it's not the make up that makes him look like a drug addict in that picture. It's the narcotics he's on.

Instagram is a cesspool now, I'm not even surprised anymore.
Remember that Tumblr had to ban all depictions of naked human beings because Tumblrinas decided they had the right to post naked selfies and sell self-made child porn albums on the site. Those exceptionals didn't just fuck off and die after the purge -- they moved to Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

You would have to be a complete idiot to look at lewds on any of those sites now. Especially reddit, which has no staff policing that shit. You're just begging for a van.

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It might just be because of the make up, but he looks like a drug addict in this picture
How much of this poor little bastard's day revolves around hair, makeup, and getting dressed in ridiculous outfits with a thousand pieces that could fall off if you look at them the wrong way? It's just depressing. He doesn't look like a child at all, but an exhausted and coked out 22 year old professional model. Why does anyone find this shit "cute" or quaint? It's horrifying. I mean I get why pedos are into it, duh, but what about all the other morons?


it just goes on and on and on and on...
It's the same for most of their causes. Remember when Beyonce had a "FEMINISM" sign in one of her concerts and people went insane? Same. They feel "normalized" when celebrities and brands validate their feelings.
I remember finding that bit (wasn't it during the halftime show for the superbowl?) hilariously hypocritical. She's dancing around in a skin tight body suit while her back up dancers have their legs and crotches up in the air doing synchronized motions, also in skin tight leggings, with their faces hidden while FEMINISM is flashed repeatedly in lights behind them.

I was laughing because other than the feminism sign in the background it could've been any performer singing about fucking bitches and hoes and it would've looked exactly the same.


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It's a few days old, but Wendylou's pathetic FUCK THE HATERZ message on Instagram doesn't seem to have been posted yet
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>Desmond isn't the first boy to dress in drag. He's doing what millions of boys have done since the dawn of time
I wonder what boys she had in mind when typing this sentence. Could it be boys like the one in the picture below?
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Yesterday, she, I mean Desmond, also published a "Happy mother's day" post to congratulate herself for being such a great mother.
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>Desmond isn't the first boy to dress in drag. He's doing what millions of boys have done since the dawn of time

Yep my concerns have been confirmed the only people who say this kind of shit is people like Nambla who spew the "Oh pederasty was in roman times and ancient cultures" Bull shit. I am 100% sure she is being paid off by Nambla.

I feel so sorry for these parents... NOT

Desmond's parents are quoted saying:

Who gives a shit? It's child exploitation.
You know what I find funny about this whole thing is that Buzzfeed only talks about how the parents are suffering and how they feel. No shit about how Desmond feels about the matter. Just "boohoo poor parents of this non-binary child. They are getting annoyed and sad please the mom is getting hate." Like jeez Louise what a bunch of fucking clowns.

FUCKING dammit, not Lush, too! I know they do some decent product and are super cool with their advocacy, but GDI, I thought they'd be above this kind of shit.
They support Peta. They have no standards.

Brb, voting Republican for the rest of my life
>And then for no reason Hitler came into power.
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I don't get it, why are they directing their messages to Desmond when is clearly just the mom writing in his name and he's obviously not gonna read them? do they honestly believe a kid would write like a middle aged woman and shill products mid-sentence?
are this people stupid, role playing or doing that pedo thing were they see kids as having the intelligence of an adult?
has these people EVER spoken to a kid that's not bending over :( ?

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