Horrorcow DESMOND IS AMAZING / desmondisamazing / Wendylou, Andrew, & Desmond Napoles - Child being abused/sexualized by parents for financial gain, and fame.

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Growing up one of my best friends was gay and I asked him one day about why that's even a thing. He was always super laid back and honest, not like the rest of these obnoxious cows. He told me that it's mainly a way of making their sexual preferences openly known, basically who the "bottom boys" are. He was never like that, just your regular average joe so it was very insightful coming from him. And if you think about it, it IS almost like taking on the wife role so to speak. The twinks are always the ones who don't want to work and want to be taken care of and pampered. I know scientists have thrown out different theories on homosexuality, the most convincing one (to me anyways) is the fact that in utero, men who go on to be gay later in life are exposed to higher levels of estrogen and women who go on to be lesbians are exposed to higher amounts of testosterone. Pretty compelling, but ya definitely wouldn't cause a natural lisp lol.
I might have mentioned it in this thread but it's interesting how gay stereotypes have existed the exact same across cultures and across time, you can go back to ancient China and they'll be talking about homosexuals with feminine characteristics. I think you got the right idea that there is a biological/genetic component to it, as well. Like all things there's a biological aspect and a cultural aspect but they're inexorably intertwined.

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I'll say that this kids mother and the general attitude of women and their kids has turned me off almost entirely from most women. I see more and more people having a preference for men and traps because "they don't want to deal with women."
Wot. If we let cows turn us off entire sexes, there would be no one left to like on earth.

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RE: gay lisp

Most of these people like to live up to their own stereotypes, only they don't call them that. For them, it's like wearing a t-shirt of your favorite sports team, something that makes them part of a "community". Activists are like this.

Of course, they don't like being reminded of the negative stereotypes about them.

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Ma's going to push him into being an "artist" with paints even if he's crap or if it's with wax crayons. Most likely deviant art like the stuff painted on the wall of the men's urinals at Planet Ping Pong.

He'll never escape the harpy. I hope he does. He needs good meals and a say in what he sticks his wick in in the future if he's got a future.
Dies soon? Book deals, biopics, tragic child star icon status.


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I get lgbt people wanting to form a community when things are shit for them like in the AIDs crisis, marriage inequality etc You enter in a community to protect/demand rights, but like some have pointed out, once you're accepted by the general population and have your rights like any other people and decides to instead change to want privilege/complain about microagressions or shit everyone at some point has to deal with it just gets ridiculous.

I really dislike flamboyant gays who try to imitate how women speak, to me it feels like mocking women, they always seem to me like they don't like women even though they want so bad to share the same space and feminine hobbies. Of course not every gay person that speaks like that is a woman-hater, but to me that's how most of them comes off as to me. Just because you're a dude who likes other dudes you don't need to act like this. Just act normal.

Also, his mother that writes everything on his instagram and his facebook, so if she doesn't literally sells him to pedos, this means he doesn't know anything about sex? He's 10 or 11 years old, right? Just making a child do something obviously sexual without them even knowing about it, and even worse, posting online for everyone to see just for fame/money is disgusting. I imagine if somehow he grow ups and doesn't turn himself into a cow I can't imagine how embarrassed he would be. Many children at 10 are already smart enough to notice when things are off or seem wrong even if their own parents encourage it, maybe Desmond has noticed it but can't do anything since it makes mom proud of it - or either he just don't really know that that isn't something good and that he shouldn't be doing. We don't really know what kind of kid he is, because of course his mom wouldn't want anyone to even suggest the boy think twice about it.


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How long until Piggylou does the same thing as fellow married heterosexual heifer Tess Holliday and goes out on social media to announce her "pansexuality" or some shit for woke points?
When Desmond stops being a cash cow, she'll announce she's an FTM and request crowdfunding for fertility treatments so she can experience pregnancy as a father, like nature intended (seahorse gags will be plentiful). If successful, she will raise the resulting kid as another "fabulous" drag scene kid until Desmond's old enough to tell all and get his sibling out of there.


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Louis Theroux needs to do a documentary about this kid, stat
the subject matter is horrific and freakish enough to be right up his street, and he is very good at letting the subjects of his documentaries speak for themselves (and often make a rope for their own neck)
This is exactly why I love Louis Theroux, he has that skill. I would love for him to do a drag kids documentary.


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That is a better comparison, but I meant as like that something like priests molesting children and the altar boys (who’re dressed like them) was something nobody ever realized until someone spoke up about, while this travesty is basically a two-page ad in the papers saying “HEY PEDOS THIS KID IS UP FOR GRABS” but is constantly overlooked by everyone who is too dumb or too woke (or both).

Are those certain kinds of people pedophiles or those who speak up for pedophiles (like adding a P to the LGBT+ SPECTRUM!)?
P has generally always stood for pansexual, I have never heard it mean pedo. I didn't know that was a thing.


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No it does stand for pansexual, there are people who want to add another P for Pedo
I am absolutely fine with people who call themselves pansexuals being mistaken for pedophiles.
EDIT: I seem to have upset some pansexuals, who did not realise the full implications of choosing an identity that implies that they are attracted to everyone.
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I am absolutely fine with people who call themselves pansexuals being mistaken for pedophiles.
EDIT: I seem to have upset some pansexuals, who did not realise the full implications of choosing an identity that implies that they are attracted to everyone.
Actually you probably got down voted because that isn't even the correct definition lol.

Not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

And no I'm not but its just the fact that you insinuate it's about liking underage individuals when it has nothing to do with that.