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I have found an "artist" who represents the worst things about the non-kinky side of Deviantart. He puts this in the description of all of his pictures

No hate comments! Trolls, spammers, bullies, hypocritics, haters, harassers, bashers and art thieves are Not allowed!
And NO comment war!
Now to show the actual pictures

An OC of his friend's dating a lizard with artwork that could be done by a child

A drawing of Maleficent that looks like a sock puppet

A drawing of a fictional character being his mouthpiece scolding a narcissistic rapist. Why was this drawing made? Who was it for?

I don't know what the fuck is going on here. I'll link this for anyone to take a guess

The only other notable thing is that he spends a lot of money or requests artists to draw pictures of him his OC dating fictional characters and having some harem.


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This is ancient history in internet terms, but there used to be a user on Deviantart called Mad-Hatter-1955. In the unlikely event that name sounds familiar, it's because he got BTFO'd by the BlackBusterCritic. BBC explains in this video, but I'll do a quick summary below in case you don't want to watch the whole thing:

Basically, he was a foot fetishist who drew atrocious MS Paint pictures, often featuring underage characters getting their feet tickled. He would also conduct sexually explicit roleplays with said underage characters. BBC got wind of this and told him he was a pathetic loser who needed to sort his life out. It took a while, but he eventually took BBC's advice and left Deviantart in late 2013 for the last time.

Well, until 2017 at least.

So after four years you'd think his artwork would've improved or he'd have found better drawing software than MS Paint right?



At least he's not drawing underage characters anymore I guess.


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Found one of those lot in most recent, the type who posts screenshots of console games and uses MS paint to draw things that are really confusing. This guy, however, has 38.5K deviations and a core account.

Dear god that deserves a puzzle piece also what the fuck, how does the first picture make any sense

Piga Dgrifm

Where are those good old fashioned values?
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Found one of those lot in most recent, the type who posts screenshots of console games and uses MS paint to draw things that are really confusing. This guy, however, has 38.5K deviations and a core account.

This guy's 'style' is so familiar, is this Mjeddy?


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This guy's 'style' is so familiar, is this Mjeddy?
It's Jacobyel - his art's been featured many a time here and an interesting little fact about him is he's been on DA for just over 12 years and he hasn't improved his skills whatsoever during that time!
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Name please? I need it for... research.
It's an "artist" called "P250rhb2". They describe themselves as an "artist of many trades". Such trades include drawing female characters sucking things in with their bellybuttons, softcore fart "art", female characters in suggestive positions, and some concept-art and occasional deviantart (non)meme. All of their art is the same quality as the examples I've shown: awkward line-work, basic colouring and errors such as colouring outside of their own poorly drawn lines.

Their gallery:
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Kisekae is honestly cheating at this point, the community is full of deviant porn artists. This guy though, is an oddball among them. He's pussy-obsessed but uses super clinical words for it all?

His most recent piece is fucking hysterical though:

Dr. Jay is just about to examine Sophie and her vulva was the first of it's kind for him.

Dr. Jay: Okay, spread your legs.

Sophie: (spreads her legs)

Dr. Jay: Oh, I've never seen a vulva like this before.

Sophie: What's wrong Doctor?

Dr. Jay: Your labia minora comes so far out of your labia majora. I've examined many vulvas but this is the first of it's kind for me.

Sophie: So there's nothing wrong.

Dr. Jay: I'm not sure, it could be your symptoms but I'll have to have a further look.

Of course Sophie's vulva is perfectly healthy it's just a rare kind.
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