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Good. Maybe people will get mad enough to finally make a difference.

Even the ResetEra commies are out of sorts.
no whats gonna happen is the sony cycle will occur, after their success with the ps4 they will fuck up with their next console, happened with the ps3 happened with the vita. and once that happens all of the japanese devs will flee as without the sales sony's consoles have no benefit for releasing third exclusives on.


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no whats gonna happen is the sony cycle will occur, after their success with the ps4 they will fuck up with their next console, happened with the ps3 happened with the vita. and once that happens all of the japanese devs will flee as without the sales sony's consoles have no benefit for releasing third exclusives on.
Sucks too, since PS4 had better exclusives than Xbone for the most part. Like aside from Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horozon, Cuphead, and Ori, MS has not had a bulk of heavy hitting exclusives, meanwhile people are still playing Bloodborne to this day, Gravity Rush 2 is supposed to be a fantastic, undertated platformer, Spider-Man was one of the best superhero games since Arkham City, and PS4 arguably gave Yakuza a second chance in the west, since marketing for Yakuza on PS3 and PS2 was fucking abysmal over here. At least this game still seems pretty good, despite the "Censor Flares"
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What the fuck is with the RIOTS
How did they go from perfectly manageable and simple enemies to the worst things in the game in DMD
One lunge takes away 6 bars of health


They already got nude mods for Devil May Cry 5 now, especially thanks to there already being nude models in the game, so people are thinking they'll be able to fix the cinematic with Lady on the PC.

Probably by disabling lens flare or copying the Japanese version. Honestly, what is the point of lens flare exactly? I mean, it makes sense for point of view involving cameras, but... why else for every other time?

These people should just learn Japanese and actually maybe have more of a chance to censor and change things that don't really matter. Truly screaming into a void and purely virtue signaling.

Also just beat Cerberus on DMD, that was actually pretty difficult for a bit.
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Refusing to go to the ending until I autistically master RG against Vergil. Holy fuck is this game a blast though.
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Just finished playing Devil May Cry 5 and fuck me is it good! The gameplay was absolute god-tier, the story and writing were surprisingly good and the soundtrack was in my opinion the best of the entire franchise. And the dramatic slow-motion whenever you kill the last enemy is a very nice touch and pleases my inner 80s action movie/anime sperg. I'll give the game another try on the Son of Sparda difficulty. I'll continue to have so much fun with it.

I wish we might have seen a bit more khantent regarding Trish and Lady, but given that the devs wanted to focus on the three playable characters, I can fully understand that. Maybe we'll get some DLC in the future regarding them. The final boss, which was basically Boomer vs Boomer and then Zoomer vs Boomer, was in my opinion a fitting way to conclude the series. Personally I think it's safe to say that after the DmC reboot debacle the franchise has now been resurrected and redeemed.

I also thought I would dislike the new DMC girl Nico, but I ended up loving her almost as much as Koutarou from Zombieland Saga.

NieR: Automata, Soulcalibur 6, Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5. Life is a lot of fun these days.

Made it to Mission 19 on DMD. The fight against the familiars in 18 was goddamn hard, Nightmare gets about 50% of its life back almost always and just the onslaught from Shadow and Griffon becomes a lot to manage. Vergil is no slouch either, does not compare difficulty wise to his fight in 3 DMD but he has a good amount of speed and damage going for him. Anyone know if you can knock him out of DT like in 3?

Mission 20 boss raped me on SoS....I don't know if I can actually complete DMD or if I will end up rage quitting.

I would say of all the games, not including DmC, that this is by far the most approachable to do DMD. Compared to 1 and 3 (haven't done DMD in 4) this is by far the easiest. Enemies DTing isn't that bad given how free staggers are given and the amount of DT meter you'll get from them as well more than makes up for what you spend. At least with Dante you get free kills with his SDT so anything with stupid huge health pools that can become a threat is wiped instantly. V is by far the hardest part of getting through DMD though, you need to get a solid grasp of what to do with him. I found it mostly boils down to setting one pet to auto attack, manually controlling the other, and trying to read the book to regain DT to keep auto going and get nightmare. Also learn to throw air taunts into everything, very free DT with way less threat than a ground taunt and Neros basically gives you a half jump forward.


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Just started the DMC5 X Shin Megami Tensei crossover event on SMT Dx2.

Pretty good, music is kickass, but it's WEIRD seeing the photorealistic DMC5 graphics next to SMT Dx2 classic anime style.



Doesn't detract from the experience, kicking ass alongside Dante and Nero is metal as fuck, but as opposed to the Bayonetta crossover (which tried to match SMT Dx2 art with Bayonetta art retouched for meshing with SMT's anime style), this one is determined to make you aware DMC5 is it's own thing.

Nero also gets a sick burn in on Thor:


Interestingly, even the 3D models for the game look like repurposed ones from DMC5.

Some Dante for you all:


And having to fight him:


For those curious, one of the demons on my team is a Beloved from the Bayonetta event.

Dante, Nero, and V are all possible demons you can get on your team, all under the "Fiend" race, as like the Demifiend/Hitoshura of SMT 3, they all have some demonic/human lineage.
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