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Made it to Mission 19 on DMD. The fight against the familiars in 18 was goddamn hard, Nightmare gets about 50% of its life back almost always and just the onslaught from Shadow and Griffon becomes a lot to manage. Vergil is no slouch either, does not compare difficulty wise to his fight in 3 DMD but he has a good amount of speed and damage going for him. Anyone know if you can knock him out of DT like in 3?
I burned about 4 gold orbs on SoS 19; and yes you can knock him out. Double Kalina Ann is particularly good with the Gunsliger laser at interrupting Judgement Cut End and the divebomb startup for massive damage.


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Well, seems the DMC5/Shin Megami Tensei Dx2 crossover is getting interesting.

Unlike the Bayonetta one, which had the Bayonetta characters cross into the Dx2 world via a parallel world kind of plot, the Devil May Cry crossover is a bit different.

Both you and the DMC characters gets dragged into a dimension bordering both the DMC and SMT Dx2 verses, and you discover it's a hunting grounds for harvesting powerful souls. You, Dante, and Nero have all been marked by the douche who dragged you into this world for death so your souls can be harvested. V shows up to warn you what the real deal is behind all this bullshit (after a brief fight), but Beelzebub shows up to muzzle V and tells him to shut the fuck up while telling you to just lie and down and die already so your souls can be harvested by "Mother", the stringpuller behind this soul harvesting business.

The rest of the story will unfold as they unlock it in a few days, more on that then.

Nero and Dante are both pretty kickass in different ways. Nero gets a nice buff after every turn that auto buffs his magical damage and can pierce lightning resistances, while Dante's Rapid Shot gives him an insanely high chance of critical hits, which grant bonus turns for your team. Dante also gets auto physical attack strength buffs after a turn in combat.
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Guys, are there any effective ways of killing Proto Angelos and Nobodies? I can fight with them well enough, but they take so many hits to kill, so maybe there is some easier way?


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Guys, are there any effective ways of killing Proto Angelos and Nobodies? I can fight with them well enough, but they take so many hits to kill, so maybe there is some easier way?
Be more liberal with your big buttons, and remember that it’s harder to knock you out of things in DT. Use break ages, drop Nightmare, use Balrog’s Real Impact/Double Kalina Ann’s fuckoff laser/Sin DT.

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About this. I didn't realise how difficult it is to play as V until SoS. If you can't toss up an enemy or he teleports around area, then the battle quickly becomes pain in the ass. Also, thanks for your advice.
I blasted through the first few missions on SoS as Nero with ease but then the first V mission came along and yikes, got knocked the fuck around everywhere. The fact you have to move and dodge a lot more often makes the familiars, especially Shadow, way harder to command properly considering their attacks also depend on the direction V is moving. It's a clusterfuck but at the same time tonnes more fun than Devil Hunter because you have to really focus and learn to use V as he was intended. It's a refreshing change from the all guns blazing style of Nero and Dante.

Dante Must Die is gonna be hellish but worth it for those kickass super costumes.

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Did anyone get the post-credits to play for them? For some reason, it didn't play for me on my first run. It went straight to the main menu instead.

I try and save DT for the Boss, but use it if he knocks either Shadow or Griffin. Burning it on auto for Griffin is also useful. Shadow is just awkward to manage mostly for the fight it seems. The Buzzsaw and Spear attack are decent for the tentacles

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Bloody Palace on April 1st. Single player, no new characters.

There's an article that was saying Capcom would be looking into online play for it at some point in the future but who knows.

Edit: It was by the goon who didn't know much about the games then went on damage control for a bit.
There's apparently some partial co-op in one mission (it's not just the ghost stuff) - or so I've read one person comment, I haven't tried to track it down myself. Going to engage in some tenuous speculation a (end-game spoilers)
DLC co-op release of Dante and Vergil in hell is planned, if they can get it working well enough. To speculate on even thinner grounds, perhaps part of Vergil's moveset will be the ability to create a copy with V's abilities, which I base on them wanting to use what they made with V to give Vergil some variety in this possible DLC, and that Vergil makes a copy of himself in the last part of the fight with him on mission 19.
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The mission where you can play as all three characters does a true multiplayer session for sure, I think the rest including the mission with V/Nero is just ghost Data.

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The mission where you can play as all three characters does a true multiplayer session for sure, I think the rest including the mission with V/Nero is just ghost Data.
I've run into a nasty glitch on that level before. I was playing as Nero and there was a Dante on the same floor. Dante destroyed the Qliphoth thingy and jumped down to the next floor. Unfortunately, I couldn't jump down at all. There seemed to be an invisible floor there. I think what happened is that the game registered Dante destroying it, but didn't register the floor disappearing for me despite it visually being gone. Had to restart from the checkpoint to redo the fight and go through.

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If there's a blue "signal" icon next to the person's name, they are a live player. If it's not there, it's just a recording.
I've been playing Heaven or Hell and the icon is missing from all missions since the mode tells you that there's no coop play.

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