Careercow Devin J. Stone / LegalEagle - Agenda-driven armchair lawyer who uses his politically charged videos to push his ideology, but holds the power to kill the Trump administration through lawsuits

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Devin Stone, Better known as LegalEagle, is a YouTuber with almost 2 million subscribers, specializing in videos about the law. Imagine a left-wing version of Nick Rekieta or the type of drivel I Fucking Love Science puts out but about law. He started out making informative videos catering to law students but didn't find much success until he started his "Real Lawyer Reacts" series where he watches through a tv show or movie including references to law and rates its accuracy. He nowadays mostly makes videos explaining current events, explaining political topics or news through a legal lens. These videos are obviously biased towards a left-wing perspective, being anti-Trump and anti-conservative. Beyond these, a few things he has done have transcended into the mainstream. I have seen the idea of a thread about him floating around but it never comes to fruition, so I figured I might as well have a crack at it.

Here are the old, law school kid catering vids. Short, simple, but not a whole lot of views. No mystery why he would move on.

Old Video.PNG

Old video 2.PNG

Here is his most popular series, where he reacts to media featuring law or court scenes and explains how accurate or inaccurate they are. These blew up, and are the main reason he's popular.

Big video.PNG

BIg video 2.PNG

Here are some of his more political videos, wherein he acts like the cocksucker he is, where he acts like his subjective analysis is objective through appeal to authority fallacy. Why most people I talk to hate him.

New video.PNG

New video 2.PNG

Nowadays he is mostly just creating a lot of videos for YouTube's Snapchat story ripoff, like a lot of videos.

Most videos.PNG

The Captain Marvel Controversy:

Probably his most infamous video and the best example of his biases come in his captain marvel video, which became rather infamous. This video came out right in the middle of the hatewave and it's about a particular deleted scene from the film that was drawing a lot of criticism. In the real movie, the titular character steals the bike of a briefly seen character, but the deleted scene gives them a short interaction. In the scene, the biker, who goes by The Don, goes up to Captain Marvel, pulls down the newspaper she is reading to see her face, and asks her to smile. Captain Marvel feigns interest and extends a handshake, before electrocuting him and gripping his hand so he can not let go. She then demands his bike, helmet, and jacket, or else she will break his hand. A lot of the anti-SJW types got mad about it and made their own videos on the scene, calling Captain Marvel a villain or whatever else.

Despite its status as a deleted scene, our boy LegalEagle saw fit to make a video defending her actions, not only legally but also morally. Her knight in shining armor is here, and he's coming for you alt-right trolls! How will he do?


Here are the highlights:

- He says everybody who doesn't like the movie just doesn't like it because the protagonist is a strong independent woman who don't need no man and they are all just sexist, conservative men. No other reasons, none at all.

- He says the line "How about a smile?" is a threat.

- Says that The Don committed assault and battery against Captain Marvel. He justifies this with on-screen definitions (below) although looking at scenes with the definition given still is not met in the scene.


- He also uses this to legally justify her response, saying she was acting in self-defense, but in the scene, she clearly goes beyond the need to defend herself, holding on to his hand while he tries to pull away to end the conflict, and I'm not sure theft is justified under self-defense.

- Tries to justify it morally because The Don was being a bit of a dick, so YAS Queen Slayyyyyy threaten to destroy the hand of that meanie!!!! Give him what he deserves!!!!!

- He brings up the scene in Terminator that the deleted scene in captain marvel is a homage to, where a similar situation happens except it is Terminator vs a biker gang. In the scene, he extorts the last surviving biker for his bike in exchange for his life, just like captain marvel does. He says the reason people like the scene from Terminator but not the one from Captain Marvel because the terminator is a man and Captain Marvel is a woman. The funny thing is he is essentially making the argument for the detractors, saying that because they are no different forgoing gender, Captain Marvel is actually a cold, unfeeling monster like the Terminator.

This didn't go over well, and many anti-Captain Marvel channels had a field day. Damage control pinned comment time!

Damage control.PNG

Notice how he has completely dropped the "morally correct" side of the argument in favor of the "legally correct" one.

The best part is, however, that according to LegalEagle's own logic Captain Marvel committed assault and battery against Stan Lee in his obligatory cameo.

Stan Lee would later pass away in the hospital from complications from this brutal assault.

The real point of this is only to prove one thing: LegalEagle is a lawyer, and like any good lawyer he will omit, lie, and do whatever he can to get his side the win. Imagine in this case that the scene is his defendant in court, and he is the slimy lawyer doing anything to get it off. This mindset he has is what stops me from taking his assessment of current events seriously as well, he has an obvious agenda and will use whatever lawyer tricks he has been taught to push it.

A Short List of Misdeeds:

The stupidity in LegalEagle’s offerings does not end with just Captain Marvel. He has made plenty of retarded takes or straight up inaccuracies that signal his immorality and terminal Trump Degenerate Syndrome. I’ll add to this list if anything else pops up, but here is the current list:

This is the opening part to a preachy video where he takes a stance against Trump’s pardons, and he starts it off by arguing that Trump’s pardons around December of 2020 were illegal. Here’s the thing: everybody knows the president can pardon pretty much whoever for any federal crime. The only restriction listed is in the case of Impeachment, which basically just means he can’t restore office to an impeached person, which is more about what sentencing you can reverse rather than the crime. To be clear, you can argue the pardons is immoral, but you can’t really argue that whatever pardons is illegal.

First of they still aren’t unpardonable, but more importantly he just called every last person Trump pardoned are worse than literal murderers. Most of the crimes are financial in nature, which I don’t know about you but stealing money is not as morally bankrupt as stealing a life. Just a thought. He even puts the image below not 30 seconds later in the video, like come on man how do you not see this.

embezzelment = murder.PNG

I need to know what LegalEagle was smoking when he made this, I need this type of high in my life.

Trump handing out a few favors is equal to mega corporations owning all of the government and infrastructure in a country? Really LegalEagle? Trump being corrupt is equal to Superhero villains you want to eviscerate planet earth for no real reason? Really LegalEagle? Despite your lack of knowledge of intention or anything behind the scenes, you know for certain there is no nuance here? Really LegalEagle? The exaggerations this guy makes are so dishonest, how did 92k people look at this video and say “yep, that sounds good, like”

I like this clip because he has just gotten done with sucking off Muller when he turns around and says not to hero-worship investigators

I know what they would say: “go impeach him” because LegalEagle is right here: the power of the pardon is Univeral, you cannot challenge a pardon. I still have no idea where he’s getting this.

This is just wrong. Caeser likely had no effect on the fall of Rome considering he took office more than 500 years before Rome fell. Rome fell more because of a combination of various factors such as the barbarian invasion, Military overspending despite its weakening because of lower recruitment numbers, the split between east and west Rome, etc. I’d say to quit history and to stick in your lane, but you don’t seem very good at that either.

I don’t get it, literally half of the congress are lawyers. Like it is not unheard of for lawyers to talk about politics

Here’s a fun fact: LegalEagle apparently doesn't believe in innocent until proven guilty. His keyword here is “almost” which means he can’t prove it. For somebody accusing Trump of breaking the law, he seems to have his own disregard of it. He does this throughout the whole video it is from, he just keeps making claims he can’t properly substantiate and says “look at all the laws trump broke” without having the evidence that he did. If they did, Trump would be in jail.

Police don’t kidnap people, they have never kidnapped people, that’s a legal definition that does not apply. The word LegalEagle is looking for is arrest. It’s a nitpick but it really shows how he subtly and maliciously tries to steer the narrative.

(failed) Buisness Ventures:
These aren't terribly important but important enough to mention here. (archive) is an e-tutoring buisness LegalEagle runs. It was his first venture and the original purpose of his channel seems to be to advertise it. On the website, you can buy subscriptions ranging from 129$ to 999$ for resources to help you "crush it." These range from instructional videos on the lower side to video calls with LegalEagle himself and a private Facebook group on the higher side. I'll get to the point, this website shouts shady to me. Let's go on a little tour to see what I mean.

Free but not.PNG

NO MONEY REQUIRED For our mailing list

This is obviously designed like this so some dumb college kid goes "Free law school prep? I'll sign up now!" unknowingly signing themselves up for their inbox to get destroyed with advertising. I also like the crush it button, implying that will help them crush law school, like what kid went: "Yeah I was really struggling in law school until I signed up for that mailing list, it was smooth sailing from thereon."


Let's take a short look at a few of these:

2. I want to know what I don't know so I can learn it in the future wtf is this point. I think he's trying to say that he will let you know what you don't know but when it is put alongside all the other taglines directly saying what the benefits are the one saying the problem instead is out of place. It is nothing major, but it's unprofessional.

3. I like how the courses are not advertised as fun, rather succeeding is.

5. Here's where the shady stuff starts. No business can Guarantee success, especially when the element of the consumer having to take action for the result is present. This is actually a Technique many scams use, they say they can guarantee what the honest cannot to make their offer more enticing. I'm also pretty sure some kid could sue if he takes the course and still doesn't get good grades, so it's not legally expedient. I really don't see this as very trustworthy at all.

6. This is another strategy many scams use, they guarantee instant results because you really can't honestly expect everybody to instantly improve, so honest sites won't advertise it. Another instance of really shady shit.


I have to say, this course is kinda shit. The course is supposed to teach you how to study, that is what they tell you below. However, on the curriculum, this is only one 40 min section. Most of it is useless, like sections 1 and 2 should be combined since they are both setting the grounds for the course and section 4 shouldn't have to last for more than 5 mins, grades are not that hard to understand.


If you noticed that the essay section is highlighted, that is because it is a feature that he has put a 370$ markup from the base price to access it, as it is apparently the only important part.


I like how this completely invalidates everything he offers at a lower price, like "yeah I was lying about all that studying shit just write a good essay." It really shows he has no confidence in his own topics.

In conclusion, it is a sketchy ass website and course, if I just saw this website with no outside context I would say "seems like a scam." You can also look at this Reddit thread for the opinion of some actual people who went through law school. Fortunately, since his channel has blown up the website lays dormant, without a new blog update in 3 years. He moved on to his next business venture after this, now all about his new style of content creation... (archive) is a video-sharing website that LegalEagle was behind. The idea that it is a website owned by the exclusive club of creators who are allowed to post there. Ome of the people there are very well-respected creators, such as TeirZoo, Sam o' Nella Academy, and Austin McConnel, but there are a couple of creators here I know have threads, such as Lindsay Ellis and Extra Credits. The main problem with Nebula is that it is a terrible business model. You have to pay 5$ a month to see anything on the website, most of which are just videos you can find on youtube anyway.

The main pull of the website are the exclusive videos. The thing is most creators don't make many videos just for the website, or only a few. It's neat but 5$ a month for only a few videos you would actually be interested in is hard to buy into. They also have a short section to say the other reasons why you should use this over youtube.

why tho.PNG

B-b-b but there's no ads!
It's called adblock

Y-y-y you are supporting the creators
Remember Tidal? No? well it had the same approach, and let me tell you, it didn't work

Y-y-y you can download videos onto your phone
There are a bunch of ways to download videos on youtube on your phone, including in-app with youtube premium.

So it's a website nobody uses or cares about. It is funded mostly by sponsors like Curiosity Stream, Audible, and Skillshare, and I bet when they notice there is no money in it they are going to dip and the website will go down with it. Take your bets now for when that'll happen. Betting is also open as to what LegalEagle will do after Nebula's destruction.

The Lolsuit:

The date is June 25th, 2020, and LegalEagle has big news: he is suing the White House, CIA, DOJ, and many more. He filed a Freedom of Information Request (aka FOIA request) a few months ago and he hasn't gotten it back, meaning Trump is stonewalling, probably because it contains things that would ruin him, despite the much more reasonable exp[lination that a FOIA request can take literal years to go through and he only waited 4 months, but that's not important. That's right folks, this rando youtube lawyer is going to take down the Trump Administration, not the impeachments, Muller, or even Biden, nope. Orange Man is finished this time! He makes two videos announcing it and celebrates.

The original announcement.

He also made a follow-up video with some Q&A

The date is now March 18, 2021, and the results are in! Drumroll please. And the result is.......

LegalEagle has been laughed out of court.

Who could have seen it coming?

Here are the papers

There was no way this would get through any sane court system. What judge, or for that matter jury, would take this seriously in any regard? You are in no way entitled to get your FOIA early just because you want it no matter how much you whine, kick and scream. Anybody with even a speck of legal knowledge knows this, so why would LegalEagle even try? I can't exactly say what, but something stinks.

So, now that everything is said and done, you would expect LegalEagle to announce "hey we lost, sorry everybody, we'll get 'em next time" at this point right? Of course not, he goes radio silent on the issue

Remember the date March 18th, 2021, the day the judge told him to pound sand.



As you can see, he uploads a video on the same day and made no effort around that time to announce the failure of his own lawsuit before or after.



On Twitter, he didn't even have any activity until 4 days after the suit.




He clearly doesn't use Instagram a whole lot but for the record, there's nothing here either.




Even Tik Tok is silent. How are LeagalEagle's dedicated fans supposed to learn about the result? They aren't.

I can't find any record of him talking about losing, but if you have it, please, post it, I am dying to see the comments. You can also check the archives at the bottom of the post to confirm beyond screenshots.

I figure the reason that he hasn't talked about it is that in the video where he announces the lawsuit, he has a quick money-begging session where he asks people to donate to the public interests firm to crowdfunded the lawsuit. He has links in both the pinned comment and description.

Money begging.PNG

I imagine many donators won't be happy that they essentially just threw their money into a dumpster fire and now want it back, but they got bad news coming. The website used to donate has no goal, amount raised, or any real accountability, so that money is gone. In no world is the firm going to return that. It is in his best interests to keep the audience blissfully unaware so they can't realize they were duped.

The real kicker is that according to the firm he used, they are going for another crack at it! This time they'll get him for sure!


I should also note the accusation that he scammed his audience that I've been seeing around is probably false. It comes from the previously mentioned donations, and the theory goes that he took the money he got from donations, and since it is a public interest firm he wouldn't have had to pay them, so he just pocketed the donations. This mostly falls apart when you realize the donations were made directly to the firm and not LegalEagle, so he can't just easily pocket the money. However, if you said you thought that this was a scheme to grab donations in a case they knew would fail before it got anywhere, and LegalEagle got a cut for his help in the pump-and-dump, well I wouldn't say you're crazy (despite the lack of any real evidence).

Youtube (archive)
Twitter (archive)
TikTok (archive)
Patreon (archive)
Linkedin (archive)
Website of his personal law firm (archive)


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I’m all for making a thread on this guy, though I’m going to be honest: The OP’s feeling a bit lacking right now. Outside of his lame Captain Marvel video and his failed lawsuit, my main takeaway is that he has a bit of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I feel like you could showcase that a bit more prominently with stronger examples, rather than explaining to us how he’s super left-leaning.

Give the OP a bit more time to develop, and I’m sure it’ll get moved out fairly soon.

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I’m all for making a thread on this guy, though I’m going to be honest: The OP’s feeling a bit lacking right now. Outside of his lame Captain Marvel video and his failed lawsuit, my main takeaway is that he has a bit of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I feel like you could showcase that a bit more prominently with stronger examples, rather than explaining to us how he’s super left-leaning.

Give the OP a bit more time to develop, and I’m sure it’ll get moved out fairly soon.
100% agree, I was going to base the thread on the idea of him scamming his viewers that I mention in the final paragraph until I had to course-correct on a closer look. As a consequence, the thread lacks the zing it needs to push it past the prospering grounds. I want to create a section where I go through several instances of him straight up lying or bending the truth to push his narrative to his trusting audience, but that would require me to watch his boring ass videos and meticulously fact-check them, which takes time. Until then I'll keep poking around and updating OP if I find anything. Hopefully, at the end of the day, I can put together something good enough for a move.

The Grave of Einstein

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doesn't legaleagle have some bullshit law school e-tutor scam too?
He does have a tutoring website called but I don't see anything indicating it's some sort of scam, more of a money grab type deal and not much more. If anybody knows anything about it being a "scam" please let me know, but the most I have is this Reddit thread where most people recommend against it. Not big news but maybe worth a section about business ventures along with the "Nebula" thing he did.

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A rock is a jewish name? Are you fucking stupid?
Stein is German for rock/ stone and there some Jews with surname ending with stein.

Do we know about this guy work prior his efame.
Was he atleast decent lawyer. Or is he failure . Who knows enough to make himself sound "lawyery" enough to fool plebs on the internet?

Considering his lolsuit against Drumpfler I think option B is more likely.
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He seems like a generic anti-Trump Youtube lawyer trying too hard to be respectable like he wants Jeffrey Toobin's job on CNN, and he even effects that whiny "I'M SO OFFENDED" voice on his Trump stuff. I think he needs a little more time to make more stupid videos like the Captain Marvel one or stupid lawsuits before he really crosses the line into true lolcow.

I do agree with Nick Rekieta that this guy seems like a giant vagina leaking estrogen and soy from every pore though.
also, (((stone)))
Any relation between Devin and Roger Stone?


We have all the time in the world.
He's a dipshit but do we have anything serious on him yet? Christ there's not even much of a Twitter rant in the op.

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