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You actually write articles really well. I just wish there were more archive links and sources, those are the most important things with these articles since they let people fact check writing. Whenever I read an ED article I'm just like, "stop telling me shit and show me".

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Holy fuck, the site looks like hot garbage now
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I can't look at it. It just endlessly loads and never displays anything.
Weird. Here it is copypasted so far.
Joshua Luke Buraczewski, also known by his online aliases Dexter and Skannerz22 is a person of interest residing in Melbourne, Australia. He is a member of the online forum, Sociopath-Community, and is known for his obsessive crush on the owner, Lunaprey.[2] In early January of 2016, Joshua joined Kiwi Farms after he learned that they had a thread making fun of Sociopath-Community and its members. He posted a picture of his own penis to the site[3] and then reported them to their host, Linode. Humorously, his penis was mistaken for that of a young child's due to its small size. This caused a chain reaction which resulted in an extended period of downtime for Kiwi Farms and a loss of about two days' worth of content. Joshua is disliked even by other members of Sociopath-Community, and there have been multiple calls to ban him from the site.[4][5]
Joshua claims to have had an abusive childhood. According to him, his mother would beat him, grab him by his testicles and pull him under his bed, and sexually assault him. As a result of this alleged abuse, Joshua is now a masochist who only feels happiness when people physically hurt him. His mother does not pay him much attention anymore, supposedly because she sees him as a "disappointing failure" and a "huge mistake."[6] However, he later stated that this information was false.[7]

Joshua describes himself as a "hybrid" because he claims to have both Asperger's syndrome and psychopathy. A (most likely exaggerated) list of achievements he claims to have are getting so many perfect scores on school assignments that his teachers would mark them 110% as a joke, being amazing at various instruments and sports, excelling at "maths," wood work, and English, and being highly skilled at acting and manipulation. He states that he is able to invalidate quotes from Albert Einstein and "Stefan Hawkings time machine party" and is even able to invalidate the existences of others. In spite of all these claims, he denies having "narcism."[8] He displays an ignorance of his own condition. Asperger's syndrome is known as a form of autism, yet Joshua denies being autistic. According to him, Asperger's and high-functioning autism are two different conditions. Perhaps unintentionally, he states that having Asperger's syndrome makes him a "exceptional psychopath."[9]
Joshua joined Kiwi Farms on January 22, 2016 as "Bay Harbor Butcher," a reference to his namesake, the Dexter television show (the staff later renamed his account "Null's Personal Cuckold").

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Holy fuck, the site looks like hot garbage now
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Just added a big expansion. Section's not 100% done yet, and I still need to source a few things. It's late, and if nobody else has done it by tomorrow I'll do it then when I have time.
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I've never experienced this.
I just got the page once.

However, when I tried it again, it still didn't load, although it made about 10 GET requests that appeared to send back data. It doesn't work in Chrome, Edge, or Safari, from a number of different computers. I'll post to the technical grievances thread if it keeps up and I actually log the http transactions.

ETA: Oddly, going there directly from a search from the front page works fine. Unless I can nail something specific down, I'm just going to assume this is weirdness on my own end. Great picture, btw. What is it with lolcows and derpy eyes?
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Holy fuck, the site looks like hot garbage now
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Current focus is the Kiwi Farms section. I'm striving for factual accuracy, though I may make a mistake or two. Feel free to either correct me here so I can fix it, or edit the page yourself.
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I just wanted to give a heads-up that I also can't see the page because it's in constant loading, no matter how many times I refresh. This happened three different times-

Nevermind, if I let it load on its own long enough for around 8 minutes, it pops up for me.

Thanks again for your articles, Watterson!
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