Diaper Guy Diary (2008) - autistic developmentally disabled adult


I stumbled upon a bizarre diary of an autistic man

Posting here simply because it's old, outdate, but still random / lulzy / weird / shouldn't-be-but-is insightful


From 2008 - but we hear similiar things:

CAD drawing

But also telling us:

I am “just a baby”, and I always will be…
Mutely self-rocking and sucking my thumb, as I watch “Sesame Street”

He pretty much hates being an adult with all those responsibilities:

I may have times like now, when I am in “Adult Baby Mode”, but “Being an Adult Baby”, 24/7, is not “practical, since I have my own “adult responsibilities”, like doing chores for Dad, like washing laundry, ect., plus going out in my Ute to purchase “adult dydees”, ect.

He begins by talking about seeing his Social Worker/Counselor:

Yesterday I was busy up in Derry, first seeing my Social Worker/Counselor, Ms. Fisher, and then doing a bit of my own photography

Of course, he informs us that: I watched an episode of “Sonic The Hedgehog”

Things soon turn stranger, he posts this image with the following entry:

Believe me, “these people” “looked like” they were ready to violently “pick up and hurl rocks @ me”, an autistic developmentally disabled adult, just for “capturing” a “single image of them”. @ least, that is how my “autistic mind” was “interpreting” their gestures, and facial expressions.

Then out of nowhere he posts this:

After all the “cognitive/sensory” stress of yesterday afternoon into the evening, after Supper, I mutely retired to my bedroom to “play quietly” before bedtime and to do “atypical” “Autistic Self-Rocking” behavior. I also mutely watched WGBX-TV, Channel 44 (PBS), until 11:00 PM.

In comparison, this image shows him being in public:

Clearly an unrecognised photographer of great talent! Such undiscovered works as...

As he continues, so the apparent 'fetish' of his diaper wearing becomes clearer:

did “Autistic Self-Rocking” for 40 minutes, before “changing my massively soaked naptime diaper,

I went into the bathroom still wearing my “flooded” nighttime diaper and “rubberized” diaper cover panties to shower and shave. As I stood there after my shower “drying myself off”, I uncontrollably made a “big” puddle of pee-pee on the bathroom floor

He gives us insights such as this:

Simply being mute & quiet this morning, after getting myself cleaned up, diapered & dressed, after my exact routine of “arranging’ my plush stuffed animal cuddle friends on my bed.

going to church, having Sunday Dinner, and then taking a long naptime with my plush cuddle toy friends and my some of my infant’s teethers/rattles for comfort. After my nap, I had to go out and purchase Sub Sandwiches for Supper. In the evening, I watched documentaries on WENH-TV, Channel 11 (PBS), while lying quietly in my bed, hugging my little “ELMO” Sesame Street plush cuddle friend

He provides this bizarre comment regarding his feelings on paedophiles and his response to some news:

Down somewhere in Massachusetts, another “Pedophile” Elementary School Janitor was “discovered & arrested”. Needed to “self-injure” a little bit to “atone” for what that “very bad man” down in Massachusetts has done to little boys. I “emotionally hurt inside”, every time a Pedophile is discovered & arrested for his crimes to little children. Being autistic, I am still a “little boy” too.

This 'little boy' thing he repeats:

Why does my body make “Evil Bad White Pee-Pee”? I do not want my body to make that “Satanic Bad Stuff”. I am autistic and “still a little boy inside”, and I am very frightened and scared that “Satanic Bad Men” will come ant take me away from Dad & Nate & “hurt me”.

Commenting on the Iraq War, he refers to George Bush as: Yet, I strongly support the soldiers there, because they got sent into a “failed” Nation State, by “King George”

Also commenting on GAYolf Hilter:
“buddy”, “(G)A(Y)dolf (S)Hitler”, who liked having women “ go pee-pee & poo-poo all over him”, while he “played with his wee-wee”. It has has also been rumored, that this “sicko”, also went around “ass-raping” “teenaged boys” before World War I, while he was living in Vienna.

If I could do “time travel”, I would “assassinate” Ernst Röhm & Adolf Hitler, in 1914, before the start of World War I. I would also “assassinate” Herman Göring too, because he also liked to “screw” teenaged boys…

TL 611

following the site links takes us here

there's a bit of random stuff to uncover, maybe it'll lead to something more identifiable to see where he is now?



Those are the two email addresses listed in his contact me. There's a "really" "weird" "about" "me" too, it gives his location as Salem, New Hampshire?

This guys weird as HELL tho, cool find.

I woke up this morning feeling “very frightened”. In the night while I slept, “evil & satanic” “spirits” of the Pedophiles on the New Hampshire State Police’s “Sexual Predator Registry” came through my locked window and “did bad things to me sexually”. Logically, I suspect that what I experienced, was an “Altered Consciousness State”, and experienced what one would refer to as a series of “ephemeral” “Sucubis Beings”, which were first alluded to in the “Malleus Malificarum”, also known as “The Hammer of Witches”.
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TL 611

What the fuck is going on in that place?
This is a fucking GOOD QUESTION. What the fuck happened to this guy to make him this weird?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008 9:45 AM-

Here is something “ridiculous”, which is one of Great-Grandsons of the founding publisher of the magazine, “Popular Mechanics”, A.K.A., Phoenix, Arizona’s “Baby Man”. Aww! Widdle “big baby” looks so “cute”…Widdle “big baby” did you do poopies in your dydee? This is from an old newspaper article that I accessed a while ago on the Internet.

Well, I should not be so “harsh”. I too, as an adult survivor of childhood “abuse & neglect”, am also an “Adult Baby”. I have been intermittently posting thoughts regarding “Diaper Discipline Abuse”, which I experienced as a little boy, here on my own blog. “Diaper Discipline Abuse” is very hideous. It is about lies, not having control of one’s own body, & “hurting” touching.

This afternoon, I have to visit my Social Worker/Counselor, Ms. Fisher again. I will have more to talk to her about, regarding being an “Adult Baby”, & my wishing that my body were physically crippled, & that my legs should have been (or should be) encased into HKAFO orthopedic braces, ect.
Also he was writing several blog posts a day on this site towards the end, there's no way this guy just disappeared off the internet after this.


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Also he was writing several blog posts a day on this site towards the end, there's no way this guy just disappeared off the internet after this.
Maybe something finally puts him out of his misery? I don't think he would simply stop and leave the internet.
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TL 611

I so need a cute guy my age! Tell me why. I never wanna hear you say, "I have a boyfriend!"

So ya he's gay? As well as a babyfur?

There's so much fucking gold here.

^there were two broken images following this post. Lost to the sands of time I guess, we'll never know what accompanied it. I reckon it was pictures of his fursuit, disappointing that they're gone.


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The only thing I can think of is, is that his dad and his brother 'nate' discovered what he was posting and eventually forced him to stop due to him so easily disclosing personal information. Considering the image he paints of himself though, I doubt he went down without a fight and this site was from 2008, so I'd say its entirely plausible he resurfaced somewhere else...

Thing is, his age could be a factor... was he eventually put into a full time care institution? Or worse case scenario... did he do something bad that got him in serious trouble?

As to how I found this, amazingly, it was a fluke. I searched in google imsges: oocities.com "my bedroom"
Below is his image discovered during the search...


oocities.com is basically a treasure trove of undiscovered artefacts... just like Tommy!




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Wait a minute, maybe I didn't read with attention the previous pages, but this guy have cerebral palsy?

EDIT: Well, by the description of the vid, I think it's just another fetish
This is how I walk using one of my 2 pairs of Forearm Crutches and not wearing my AFO Leg Braces. Yes, I am medically incontinent and have no voluntary control over making pee-pee and poo-poo, and I have to wear diapers 24/7.


Wait a minute, maybe I didn't read with attention the previous pages, but this guy have cerebral palsy?
I wasn't aware of this either - "Cerebral palsy refers to brain damage that occurs before a child is five years old. Therefore, adults cannot develop cerebral palsy" - The website I discovered from 2008 refers primarily to autism and being an adult baby... turns out he has cerebral palsy too. Question is, 'how' did such brain damage occur for him to end up revealing the information he did on that blog 8 years ago?


WEBLOG 2015:

"Micro-Weblog, Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 12:40 PM -

I find myself feeling upset and needing to mutely hug my dolly friend, "Precious Pamela". I am feeling lonely and I wish that I could be the "little cross-dressed baby" to a bunch of very kind and nice older grown-up Lesbian Ladies. More than anything, I would like nice older Lesbian Ladies to dress me in pretty satin adult-sized baby girl dresses with lots of cute frilly lace, along with a pretty matching satin adult-sized baby bonnet over my head. I wish with all my heart, that they would give me lots of love and caring, changing my total incontinence diapers whenever they are wet and/or poopy, I will let the older Lesbian Ladies bathe and dress me, and bottle and spoon feed me and give me lots of gentle hugs an love. I wish with all my heart to be "truly cared for and loved", not like when I was a little boy and my Mommy screamed at and beat me a lot, totally for no reason whatsoever for years and years, even when I was being "very good".

I wish with all my heart to never again wear grown-up man's clothes, only adult-sized "Baby Girl Dresses".

Wait a minute...
What is wrong with me?
Inside my adult incontinence diaper, my body has a wee-wee thing, which makes me a male grown-up Hominid Primate. I am supposed to be filled full of adult male special body chemicals to make me be powerful and aggressive. I am not supposed to have profoundly weak and submissive thoughts and feelings.

Yet, I do.
I have always had profoundly gentle and submissive thought and feelings. All my life, I have wanted others to totally treat me like a girl, yet keeping the yucky awful wee-wee thing that is inside my incontinence diaper(s).

Me Baby Tommy!!!!!"

Transgender Lesbian thoughts...? CWC anyone? Why does it feel like there's always a pattern of behaviour / thoughts?

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