Business Dick's Sporting Goods destroyed $5 million worth of assault weapons - It's better capitalism guys


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You ever waste $5,000,000 just to show how woke you were?
That money could have gone to victims and their families. Those guns could have gone to marginalized people who live in dangerous areas for their personal protection. Instead, a rich CEO who can afford expensive security systems and armed guards works to disarm the working class.

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At last, some good news I don't ironically make fun at. Americans are so obtuse when it comes to gun control. All I hear from the gun crowd is "Duhhr... It's not the tool. You can kill someone with a hammer or a baseball bat, and they are legal. The AR is no different."

My goodness, an AR is a tool that can kill 40 people in less than 2 minutes (christchurch) and is easily hideable. You basically chose to endager the population so big gun corporations can make a killing. Not only in guns but all it's accesories Burgers love. Especially if they all come in XXXL.

At this point, Burger's are so idiotic when it comes to gun logic that I hope the wall gets done soon. It will protect all of Central and South America from you gun tooting exceptional individuals.

Oh, by the way, have fun watching your back in the movies every time an edgy, dystopic flick comes out. Get the latest chest plates. Support your local bussiness.
Fair enough.

Sooo... because of a group of lefties that don't like to talk about how niggers and drug addicts commit crime the goverment should allow the sale of extremely dangerous weaponry to every micropenised incel with a boner for Columbine?

See... that's a bit of a Burger logic in my eyes. Eyes that are still in my head because a a 5.56 didn't go through them while I was in College.
Well first of all, I'm flattered that you like my language. I truly apreciate it.

Second, because slapfights on the internet are gay and frowned upon I don't go into detail. I don't want this to turn into the "debatefarm"

Third, and this will probably be it for me in this thread; My position is clear and confident. Wanna go hunting? Rent a shotgun or a 22. LR.. For personal protection? A 8 round magazine handgun, with MUCH BETTER controls and methods to make it harder to get. But an AR, AK, Mini-14 or anything that spews more than 10 rounds in a quick succesion? Fuck no. A civilian has to live a civilian life. He has no bussiness with war weaponry. Fuck your competition shooting and recreational shooting.

But guess what? Companies have made such a killing selling this stuff, that now you cannot defend yourself without it. Or at least claim so.

You all have been lucky. If a virgin incel or an old drunk can kill 50 and injure 100 in 10 minutes, god help you if a team of three kinda trained lunatics is on the loose and the swat team is not on immediate standbye. Do you think that you'll outdraw someone ambushing you out of the blue with modern weaponry?

Good luck

Hey, let's might as well bring back ammonium nitrate. I'll sell it to you on a discount. Your tomato fields will grow like crazy.
M1 Garand not looking like a military weapon?

I was actually going to make fun of your inability to use paragraphs, but now I just want Trump to finish the wall so all the burgers are nice and contained.

(Okay, that was really it. No more slapfights; I swear, this time I just had to.)
Jesus, why do you talk like such a massive faggot?

I can't imagine
Can you donate firearms to the poor?

I'm not sure about the legal aspects of that, though.
Gun laws vary wildly from state to state, so...some of them, maybe? However, if the goal is to "keep them off the street", I don't think that would accomplish the goal. Y'know, ignoring that guns aren't exactly a finite resource and destroying them won't accomplish much anyway. It's not like destroying these guns will stop other guns from being made.


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You're trying to convince a bunch of yankees that they're abusing guns. You're not getting anywhere with that. No amount of stats is going to convince a yank that they do not need a gun.

There's going to be at least one person talking about his rural life after this who thinks I wouldn't make exceptions for people like him and it'll be hilarious. Gun nuts are like feminist women; You criticize one of them or a bad policy and they all pile on you with hurt feelings.

As for Dickie, that's his business and him taking out a chunk of his business isn't going to eliminate guns. They're part of the yank culture and they shall obtain them. Nobody's going to take away yankee toys, it's a stupid idea to even try it.
I like you, Limey. I'll liberate you last.

nagant 1895

Now since you seem like a more rational person to speak to, I'm game; Guns aren't illegal in majority of the EU, it's simply restricted. And by "restricted" I mean "you ask nicely." It's really not that hard, I can vouch for that personally. Nobody's going to take American guns away, that much is obvious. I also know that it's not easy to get them in the US either, like some people insist it is. My gripe is that people act like guns are fucking toys all the goddamned time. You should be mandated proper training to handle one, especially the part where it says "always treat a firearm as if it's loaded."
The fear people have about "mandated proper training" is that because it could end up being a byzantine mess of forms, stamps, classes, fees and time restrictions that it will become just that.


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The fear people have about "mandated proper training" is that because it could end up being a byzantine mess of forms, stamps, classes, fees and time restrictions that it will become just that.

Yeah, it'll be used to frustrate otherwise legal purchase by qualified people:

Oh, you can't buy a gun until you pass the training course, and it's full, for the next 5 years, you can get on a waiting list, but that costs a $30 filing fee, you must pay and re-file every year of the wait or you're off the list, it's nonrefundable if you change your mind or move out of state, and the training center is 140 miles away, and the class is broken up into 4 sub sections, scattered over a week, and if you miss one due to illness/work/whatever, sorry, gotta reapply.... if you move or change address in-state at any time during the year, you must reapply. If your marital status changes, you must reapply. If you are unemployed for more than 30 days, you must reapply, The following list of petty misdemeanors including speeding, parking tickets or disorderly conduct immediately and permanently disqualifies you. It will only qualify you for one specific make and model of gun, you must retrain for every gun you wish to get licensed for. You may not train for different types concurrently. No, you aren't exempt if you are a former service member or LEO with training, non-state training does not count. And if you pass it all, that just qualifies you for a psychological fitness evaluation, which is performed at only one location, 150 miles in the other direction, it costs $500 unless your insurance covers it, and it won't... etc etc etc

This is why the 2A says "SHALL NOT" , otherwise this kind of stuff would've been ramrodded through years ago.

I love the moral panic about AR-15s. The way the media discusses them you'd think they were the most powerful and effective rifle of all time, like you can go down to Dick's and purchase top secret military technology. Maybe that is what the AR-15 can do, the Assault Rifle-15 that is.
The AR-15 was designed in 1959 and hit the market in 1964, but the MSM treats it like it didn't exist at all until after congress failed to re-up the AWB.
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I love the moral panic about AR-15s. The way the media discusses them you'd think they were the most powerful and effective rifle of all time, like you can go down to Dick's and purchase top secret military technology. Maybe that is what the AR-15 can do, the Assault Rifle-15 that is.
People should stick to pistols. It took Cho at Virginia Tech hours to kill 30 people, right?


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...You do understand what semi-auto means, right? Any of the rifles you mentioned won’t fire any faster than the pistols you have no problems with, and most are arguably less dangerous than your average .45.

But seriously, my .22 target pistol can dump it's whole mag (10 rounds) with nominal accuracy in about 3.5 seconds, I guess that counts as "quick succession".

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