Did the British Empire die or did it move its capital? - Thoughts on similarity to Rome and Byzantium.

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Apr 28, 2018
You guys are seriously digging too deep into this. All the remaining territories of the British Empire became the United Kingdom Overseas Territories. It’s a soft and modern term for an empire.

Basil II

May 5, 2019
The British Empire still exists as a rump state shell of it's former self. America is a breakaway former colony of Britbongland whereas the Eastern Roman Empire is the Roman Empire, just having lost it's Western Provinces.
May 14, 2019
The situation of Britain and Rome were very different.

Byzantium WAS Rome, regardless of what faggot Catholics (and their retarded progeny) believe. It was literally a division of Rome into two Romes with direct continuity of government. The changes in culture and religion made it into something entirely alien from what we picture Rome as being, but the process was gradual and did not entail any sort of upheaval, so it never ceased to be Rome. Rather, what it meant to be Roman changed. However, I would say that I prefer to think of the Byzantines more as "the Greek Empire" than the Eastern Romans, Romans, or Byzantines, as it was the only Greek Empire to ever amount to much, and that more accurately captures the soul of the nation: ruled from Constantinople, speaking a Greek tongue, ruled by the same Church as modern Greeks.

America, on the other hand, was a violent and deliberate break from the British Empire and was even accompanied by some radicals attempting to distance themselves from British culture (such as promoting a separate "American" language) in order to reinforce that. The nation also remained Anglophone, but quickly absorbed many other cultures and transformed into something different enough to give it a feeling quite unlike the Commonwealth nations (even those that absorbed immigrants, like Canada). Britain did not go anywhere after the US split off, and indeed still exists.

Now, OP (I think it was?) said someting about Britain perhaps being more like Hellenistic Greece, which is a valid comparison. At the same time, though, Hellenistic Greece merely conquered regions and then Hellenized them, whereas Rome built a large, permanent empire that collapsed into pieces. If anything, I'd say the relationship of the US and Britain to foreign nations is the opposite! America "Americanizes" nations like Japan and Germany just as Greece Hellenized the Classical world, leaving the underlying culture intact but changed, whereas Britain imposed rule and centralization only to collapse against its will.

The truth is that you can only go so far with historical parallels. The situations of Rome/Greece and Britain/America are to unique to directly analogize them, although we can see aspects of one in the other.