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Digimon, Sailor Moon, and Cardcaptors were the shows that got me into anime when I was a kid.

As for my favorite Digimon, I'd say Angemon is best.
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The first time I ever heard of Digimon was this random commercial for the pocket pet toy. The only thing I remember about it was an asian chick kept calling them "Dig-E-Mon".

I don't know if that was the original pronunciation that they quickly changed because they realized how dumb it sounded or what, but that random memory has stuck with me over the years for some reason.

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Oh lol I was considering perhaps making a thread 'cause obligatory username, but this thread got resurrected like it was Myotismon, so never mind.

Anyhoo fuck yeah, Digimon! Next to Pokémon and Cardcaptors, this was my childhood. I was literally the only kid in my school who watched it (that I know of, not counting my brothers), so this was my special show. It went away after Frontier, though (and I never had cable), so for a time I actually did kinda fall out of it, but then I found some fansites and art online and realized I felt like a dick for thinking about abandoning it.

The Fox Kids website was kinda the bomb when it came it the Digimon Flash games, though. I remember having fun with them, but that "Quest to Save the Internet" would always crash my browser, so I couldn't save the Internet. :(

Fuck you, AT&T! And Explorer!

Anyhoo, my favorite thing about Digimon is the fact that the parents were treated like actual human beings and their children looked up to them. That was pretty rare for a '90s show at the time, I thought.

I was pretty pissed when they didn't really play a role in Tri. I wanted to see Hiroaki Ishida again, dammit.