Dii / Shannon Murphy / Triplewipe45 - A creepy little parasite who plays the victim card too hard.

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Daddy's too busy fucking a whore to care Timmy.
Dii aka Shannon Murphy aka triplewipe45 is a mentally ill depressed young adult who seriously was a part of the lpers community entirely from Something Awful forums. To give a more elaborate viewpoint on Shannon entirely, I could honestly say that Shannon was a victim in one of SuperPsyguy's bullshit of creepyness and scummy shitbag but for some reason, her victimhood got the better of her and she basically became what she fucking hated in due time. Shannon was mentioned in the Something Awfuls topic thread and also other areas on KiwiFarms but sooner or later, I kept my eye on that one because this bitch was not only psychotic but she's also a complete idiot as well. Shannon hanged with MrDJB for quite some time and she pretty much claims that she was sexually abused by MrDJB because he made her do cam sex crap and pretty much did a ton of abusive behavior. At the time of Shannon’s relationship with MrDJB, she started to turn on every single person who did not play by the ruling of Shannon’s “callout crew” who she blames MrDJB the most for by the way and the level of blaming for her british black daddy is so fucking mundane. However, even if I want to sperg on out about this bitch, we need some actual concrete examples. So I did a little digging and well. The rest is below.

To reference here’s a couple of examples of Shannon’s gross behavior that was successfully emulated from Psyguy’s own nifty handbook:

· She called out Liz Losely, a known victim of Psyguy because she didn’t try to callout her own ex-boyfriend and associate “Kirbopher” aka Christopher Niosi from being an abusive enabler who knew Psyguy’s bs. Normally it’s okay, because fuck Psy but honestly how the hell can you call out one of your allies because they didn’t do what you asked them to and then expect them to seriously be okay with you?

Half of the shit that Liz had even done in general, actually not in any shape or form was abusive. I've seen abuse cases, and I've noted on people's abuse in this scenario and Liz constantly was couching Shannon into doing better things when Shannon decided to move to New York with her (then) boyfriend. Instead of tripping out on fucking god damn stuff animals every time when Psy did something. Liz was actually concern, and apparently Shannon was working on commissions at the time. According to Liz's tweets that were in the medium article by shannon, a lot of the anti psyguy victim clan did not want the whole idea of moving on after calling out psy. They still wanted more apparently, (I guess a court date or something. It would had been great to see honestly but eh. Who knows?) and for some reason Liz literally wasn't taken seriously because she thought it was okay to move on.

· She also used her significance in the social justice sub-culture to also call out a undertale artist for making a meme joke that is apparently about Dii. So Dii had to fucking harassed people about it.

· Her whole headmates bullshit is obviously a lie that she conjur up for anyone to care. Sad to say, even others with dissociation personality disorder don’t believe that she even has said disability of course.

· If you don’t pay attention to Shannon, apparently you basically get some form of creepy dialogue according to other players within the Something Awful community.

There’s also some nifty stuff going around when it comes to her and the let’s players community in fact. According to @umbasa, Shannon does this quite a lot in fact. She jumped from each fanbase after she didn’t received the correct attention entirely on a numerous occasions. Of course we are just getting started because MrDJB has to be at least mentioned in the situation. They both dated each other for quite a while until MrDJB was rather fucking psychotic with the shit that he did entirely. Shannon plays the sympathy violin more than anyone I ever know believe it or not, she claims that she was forced to do cam sex and all kinds of gross things even though she had trauma against it. All on her little tumblr blog of infamy. She could be lying honestly, but she keeps changing the story you might as well call her Psyguy 2 Electric Boogaloo.

There is probably more shit towards this crazy lolcow but I feel that she definitely should be placed where she belongs. In KiwiFarm's hall of fame of crazy tumblr cunts.

TripleWipe45 was also mentioned as one of the victims of Psyguy, apparently that means you get a free pass since you know, you totally couldn't had stop a potential situation on the internet by just ignoring the said person. But alas, I am victim blaming so time to stop that.
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I think we had a Psyguy thread at some point.

It wouldn't hurt to link to that thread here.

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She really deserves a thread. Triplewipe is the kind of sjw who complains if people get legit treatment for their issues. Because now you aren't a special snowflake, so get out of our club cis scum!

I think we had a Psyguy thread at some point.

It wouldn't hurt to link to that thread here.

The Psy thread is pretty dead somewhere in the backlogs. But it is there.

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