Containment Dimensional Merge tweets megathread - 1/2 - Chris is salty Merge hasn't happened: "Damn Dimension 1218’s “Reality” Limits and Shit!!!"

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Guardian of the 4th dimension
Dec 27, 2018
Soon he will tweet that the merge was successful and explain that we are all in shared dream realty, while we hibernate for 20 years. His true self will have transferred to the new dimension and left part of himself here, so he can monitor us till it's our turn to cross over.

If he's right, we're all gonna pay. The man was having his super powered animal goon squad monitoring homes, meanwhile he gives out the death penalty for slander.


Aug 28, 2018
Happy New Year's Kiwis! No sign of any merging or sonichus that I can see. I wonder if Chris will avoid his Twitter for awhile because of this or if he will just move the date up.

I am now terrified of the Eric avatar you have coming over in the merge into my bed room.

Mariposa Electrique

October 4-18, Chris Will Be Happy!
True & Honest Fan
Jun 3, 2016
Might be the moment where he just completely looses touch with reality and gets thrown in a mental asylum.

Let's remember, he thinks he has super powers right now.
Or maybe, he'll just hump his Barb body pillow pretending he's double penetrating it with Magi-Chan.

Jun 13, 2018
Oh, is the Merge supposed to be now?

But no, the world would erupt into total chaos if this was real.

People would freak out, shoot their OC's, bang their OC's, or just off themselves.
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