Containment Dimensional Merge tweets megathread - 1/2 - Chris is salty Merge hasn't happened: "Damn Dimension 1218’s “Reality” Limits and Shit!!!"

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Identifies as an attack helicopter
Oct 25, 2014
Whoever it was, it was gay ops. None of this shit will have a good ending and playing into Chris's delusions even "for a good cause" looks more and more like a mistake.

Yeah you would think that someone who stated over and over that his intentions were to help Chris, could've had the biggest part to play in all this shit. And then, instead of telling Chris to knock this delusional bullshit off, you encourage and enable these delusions just so he doesn't call you a trollI, and that's pretty fucked up, but then again, Chris is stupid for talking the bait.

Jan 20, 2016

Well, the Merge shockingly didn't happen. Here's Chris's response:
It's going to be "delayed" and Chris will shut up about it indefinitely.
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