dinosaur - livestream 9/9/2021 -


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Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
Amber claimed she walked for 40 mins straight and I just switched off - I am not listening to anymore of that shit tonight - she keeps looking to see if Wifey will make an appearance from the office where Wifey is whacking off on a facetime with her grifter boyfriend

Turd Fergusson

She claims to love walking and it's therapy to her, but it sounds a lot like, 'apples taste like candy, now!' and how delicious Optavia or Weight Watchers meals are (read: lies). And she loves dinosaurs? Yeah, right. I see she's continued the title clues.
At the same time, claimed in her last video that her back hurts all the time. No, she does not like walking, it is excruciating to her.


I did enjoy her mini rant against the reactions channels , confirming what we all knew . That she is jealous other people can make money for pointing out what a fat clown she is.

Other than that this Livestream is boring , she's blocked all the fun people from the livechat so it's filled with retarded female spergs giving her validation for being an immobile fatass


Fattest Among Thousands, Altogether Lethargic
Big Mama's going to block and/or piss off the last remaining people watching her.

Ever wonder if the people that give money on these streams ever regret the hell out of it later? Like are they needing money for food or toilet paper and thinking Gee, I could really use that $5 right now.

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