Dionn1993 is mad - Furry drama about some post somewhere


UY 690

Please tell me this isn't a furry game.
It's from the same guys who made Naruto Strom games and most recently Dragon Ball Z Karrot. So yes, that is a furry game for DS.

Jesus fucking christ you absolute sped, the first 3 times you posted this image in the thread I didn't give a fuck, why did you post it a 4th time?
Because he wants a reaction. You can't stop someone's freedom of speech unless you get him into a call which is unluckly as he lives far away from a city. You just gotta read his crazy to understand why he might be smarter than Chris Chan.

UY 690

Man I can't wait for this guy to lose his shit. Been a good while since there's been a proper chimp out.
It's not even his final form yet. We might as well update this whole forum site again so that automatic edit fusion comments exist for him so that mods don't every time edit his comments for him. lol

He might be planning something. Something big.

Marissa Moira

This is just a HD retexture project I did . To help support Cyber Connect 2. An a remake of Solatorobo that was release on the Nintendo ds in 2011.
Here are just a few previews.

This really looks like ass, the textures are not crisp and suffer from bleeding and wavy squiggly shit because you probably just ran it through AI once and hit a filer and called it a day.

The bone structure is shit and you would have probably done better to rig shit with Maya instead because no animator would really want to use a universal rig like that. Normal People build multiple rigs for specific scenes.

Also MMD is ass as far as 3d Programs go. Animate your shit in Maya or Max, they're free.

I also want to add that your high poly version is garbage because all you fucking did was add edgeloops which where not needed. Adding more polygons to geometry just because doesn't make a model better, proper 3d modeling is all about using the bare minimum needed, less is always more with 3D.
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Papa Adolfo's Take'n'Bake

It's screamin' good.
Multiple walls of text and I am really not sure what you expect to achieve here. This reads like a exceptional DMCA written by the local primary school's resident window licker. Then there's the fact that said DMCA request seems to pertain to some ridiculous, convoluted fanfic drama that was prolly already in violation of any proper IP protection, making the whole affair staggeringly pointless. The cherry on the shit sundae is posting it here where the end result is the only proper response to this bullshit:

Neck Yourself.

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