Discontinued Foods That We Miss. - A memorial for those gone too soon.

End world hunger or bring back your favorite discontinued food?

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In Memoriam 😔👊
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It's always a travesty when food brands discontinue our favorite products seemingly out of nowhere, whether it's due to it not selling well enough, or recalled for health reasons. So maybe we can have ourselves a little quality 'tism support group session here and comfort each other on that discontinued food shaped hole in our hearts.

The discontinued food that I miss is Reese's bites.

Like Reese's Minis, these bites came in a bag ready for consumption without having to unwrap them one by one. But while Reese's Minis is just, tiny Reese's, the bites were incredibly soft melt in your mouth chocolate spheres with Reese's peanut butter on the inside. They've been gone for nearly a decade at this point, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like they'll be hitting store shelf's again anytime soon.
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They've been gone a very long time but I miss these bacon flavored egg-shaped crackers. They were so damn good, and you'd think with this unending bacon fad they'd be brought back, but no. The closest I've seen were bacon flavored Ritz and while they smelled just about the same, they tasted too much like Ritz still.

It's been a few years, but I also miss Ruffles smokehouse barbecue chips. They were absolutely the best barbecue chips and it's disappointing they got rid of them but keep doing stupid limited edition weird flavors.

This seems to have been within the last six months, but the chipotle Cheez-It Zings were crazy good, better than regular Cheez-Its. But of course they keep those nasty Cheez-It Duos around.


In Memoriam 😔👊
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It's been a few years, but I also miss Ruffles smokehouse barbecue chips. They were absolutely the best barbecue chips and it's disappointing they got rid of them but keep doing stupid limited edition weird flavors
I miss them too, definitely wouldn't be a stretch saying they were the best barbecue chips at the time. Fritolay owns the Ruffles brand and several other chip brands so it'd be great if they brought them back instead of experimenting with such flavors as wasabi, bacon Mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy and....ketchup flavor.


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I miss those "Wow!" chips with Olestra, the fake fat that gave some people the shits. It didn't bother my gut, and that meant a giant bag of cheddar and sour cream Ruffles chips for like, 500 calories. It was great.

Also 7-Eleven used to have nikuman. They were packaged with generic 7-Eleven "Heat it in the store" paper but it was straight-up cheap Japanese convenience store style nikuman.


Speaking as someone who grew up in the late 80s/early 90s:

1. Bonkers candy
2. Keebler Pizzeria chips
3. Boku juice boxes
I'm a late 80s/early 1990s kid and I don't remember Bonkers candy at all. I vaguely remember Boku juice boxes, but I do remember pizzeria chips and I do want those back (even if it's limited time only, like they did with Surge soda [which my sister loves and was overjoyed when that came back]). I also want Keebler Magic Middles (those shortbread cookies with chocolate in the middle) back, but I realized that (a) Pepperidge Farm has Milano cookies that are similar to Magic Middles and (b) there are websites dedicated to making mock-ups of discontinued foods, and Magic Middles are one of them.

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They were like M&Ms, but better. They had this thick candy shell and the jingle got stuck in your head.
They were also slightly more addictive than black tar heroin.
Sadly, Hershey discontinued them when they moved away from cocoa butter to cheaper alternatives, making these taste like shit.
My favorite candy died because a chocolate company was too cheap to buy chocolate anymore.
Fuck you, Hershey.

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