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Discontinued Foods That We Miss.A memorial for those gone too soon.

Discussion in 'Food' started by LofaSofa, Jul 29, 2017.


End world hunger or bring back your favorite discontinued food?

  1. Bring back favorite discontinued food.

    128 vote(s)
  2. End world hunger.

    38 vote(s)
  3. Abolish the United States mixed market economy and have communism prevail.

    42 vote(s)
  1. When I was about grade school age there was this kind of mac and cheese still pasta that I loved. Sadly the discontinued it. My next premade pasta favourite didn' t have any cheesw sauce but a more herb-y, garlic-y one. This one, the discontinued it as well.
    I actually wrote an email to the company asking them to bring it back but they declined.

    What' s really weird is that I sometimes phantom-smell the cheese sauce, which makes me very depressed and very hungry.
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    Faint taste of butter

    Faint taste of butter now extra salty

  2. duNsrybfBcSSeVS-800x450-noPad.jpg
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    Inkling Boy

    Inkling Boy Squid Kid

  3. fruit brute
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  4. This and Taco Bell's chili cheese burrito. Fuck whoever thought of discontinuing the chilito north of the Mason-Dixon line. They briefly reintroduced it before yanking it again.
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  5. There's a Funko Pop of that. Fuck I hate Funko Pops.

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    AnOminous send more cops
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  6. Turkey Twizzlers. Fuck you Jamie oliver ya spastic mouthed twatberry.
  7. [​IMG]
    You can still find them... but they're like $100+ per tin.
    The tangerine ones were the fucking best. I don't understand how these didn't sell well.
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    Latias I just think they're neat.

  8. YESYESYES. Those tangerine ones were like crack. Never had the other flavors so I can't comment if they were just as good or not.
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    Water-T Let's go crunch some numbers!

  9. The apple ones were really good. I remember they didn't taste like fake green apple either.
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    Latias I just think they're neat.

  10. Gobble Stix. The taste of Turkey lunchmeat in convenient stick form. I used to eat tons of these as a kid. There were smoked, honey roasted, and a few other flavors too.
    Another one of those things it's hard to find a decent picture of. There's only one ad on YouTube and I certainly don't remember cheese or pizza flavor ones, that just seems weird. When I had them they were only in normal turkey sandwich meat flavors.

    TheGreatCitracett Narcissistical Keyboard Doctor

  11. Maybe I had shit tastes back then, but does anyone remember the Frescata sandwiches at Wendy's? I was 11-12 when they still had those and my little mind thought they were delicious.

    Give Her The D

    Give Her The D Your Local Mexican Cyborg
    True & Honest Fan

  12. Twenty-something years later and it's available again!

    Tastes worse because it's "sugar free" now.(:_(
    Van Darkholme

    Van Darkholme DEEP ♂DARK ♂FANTASIES

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