Discontinued Foods That We Miss. - A memorial for those gone too soon.

End world hunger or bring back your favorite discontinued food?

  • Bring back favorite discontinued food.

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  • End world hunger.

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  • Abolish the United States mixed market economy and have communism prevail.

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When vulva too puffy
I miss when the gas station here actually sold pizza. But its a small town, so when the pizza oven broke down it wasn't worth it to replace it since not a lot of people bought them. Closest pizza place is Dominos 40 minutes away, and Dominos isnt even very good. Feels sad.

Bootylicious Bootyhole

A guy who just wants to watch the world burn
Nabisco's Kool Stuf toaster pastries. Leaps and bounds better than Pop Tarts by any and all standards of measurement.

ESPECIALLY delicious were the Oreo and Chips Ahoy pastries. The Cookies & Creme and Chocolate Chip Pop Tarts just pale by comparison.


Tactical Autism Response Division
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This umami past from Trader Joe's. Took it sitting in my fridge unused for about two years before I tried using it to make chili and it was amazing.
I go to their store to try to get more, and it's no longer carried or even made.
Total bummer.
Trader Joe's is evil like that. They'll make some strange af meal or treat that I try once on a lark, become hideously addicted to and then discover has been discontinued.


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I used to like this shit a lot, sadly they don't seem to sell it anymore. It's not even on Campbell's Canadian site
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In the world of peanut butter candy bars there are 3 tiers Butterfinger which is overrated shit , 5th Avenue which is incredible, and Clark bars which is fucking godly
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Where did they fucking go? I had 1 Clark bar when I was 16. Fucking orgasmic. Shits like heaven. Fuck me if I ever eat one again

That shit was awful lmao. It was like drinking a bottle of fruity shampoo
USA Today seems to think they're coming back; story was in Sept 2018, and they cited a roughly six-month wait for production to begin again. Right around the corner, keep looking!

Rick Pratt

Whiny twat
in the uk there used to be crisps based on the kids show Bear in the big blue house
they were nice tasty bacon flavoured crisps I'd put in my lunch sandwiches back in primary school
now they're quite rare to find and Mcdonald's used to have the McBites but now I think you can only get them in Australia

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