Discontinued Foods That We Miss. - A memorial for those gone too soon.

End world hunger or bring back your favorite discontinued food?

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This is solely nostalgia for me, but Pepsi Blue. My family is hardcore Team Coke, but the when we moved into my childhood home we had no food in the fridge for a couple days except for a fuckload of Pepsi Blue we got for free from an event we went to as a break from moving boxes. It didn’t even taste like Pepsi, but blue cotton candy.

One of our neighbors at that house worked in a Coke bottling factory and would give us free cases of new drinks before he moved away. Im not a coffee person but I recall thinking Coke Blac wasn’t too bad.

My favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard was the Midnight Truffle. RIP

Skittles fucked up when they replaced lime skittles with green apple ones to match international mixes. True, lime skittles are now in another mix, but the original fruit mix of my childhood is gone save for limited edition releases. The smell of the bag was so good, and lime mixed well with every flavor. I hate green apple candies because they always smell and taste floral to me. Green apple skittles are not the exception.

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Pepsi Jazz. Specifically the strawberries and cream version.

My brain keeps insisting it was super awesome, and keeps wanting it on occasion. I imagine if they do ever have it again, I'm going to be sadly disappointed.


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I would wipe out a whole daycare to bring these back if I could. I miss these crackers like you wouldn't believe.

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I know it was somewhat divisive, but goddamn I miss Necco Wafers. I kept looking for them in grocery stores for months before i realized the company had been shut down.
I kept forgetting that Necco were behind the Mary Jane candies. The Kisses were always my faves growing up, and not seeing them on Halloween was disheartening.


These were so good, then the company shut down. I've had other crunch nuts but they just aren't the same.


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Can fast food go here? The sriracha bacon cheese fries Wendy's had. Those were so good, that I learned how to make my own.

Pretty much all the good fast food spicy stuff is discontinued as fast as it is released. I'll be shocked if McDonald's still has their buffalo sauce.


Mother. Fucking. Dunkaroos.
I don't know if they still have them in other regions but as far as I can tell, they're gone from the US. Either way, they were the shit.

Yep. still being sold in Canada. Walmart has them, and I think you can find them at no frills and superstore, but I'll have to double check.

We also still have fruitopia as well. it is good shit. don't know why you americans pulled it from your shelves.
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That Lifeway stuff? As someone who worked in a Dairy Department as his first gig, That shit was a huge money sink, the shelf life was terrible and it was so expensive we had to throw out half of what we brought in because it went out of date before it sold.
the cappuccino flavor was so good though


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Even though I hail from Burgerland, I miss Subway's Cruncy Enchilada Melt (with fritos inside). I think it was the best sandwich they ever had.
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