Discontinued Foods That We Miss. - A memorial for those gone too soon.

End world hunger or bring back your favorite discontinued food?

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It's more of a "not available in my country thing," but A&W Cream Soda is on top of my list. It had a smoother, more natural taste than Crush Cream Soda, which I had gained a distaste for. My memories are fuzzy, but I recall that A&W Canada (a different corporate entity from its American counterpart) used same recipe as American A&W, but switched to the nasty pink stuff circa 1991-2 before discontinuing it altogether. As such, I always bought a case or two when visiting the States.

On that note, I miss Dr. Pepper Cherry and I remember buying a case of Vanilla Float Dr. Pepper the last time I visited Great Falls. Did that get discontinued?


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Nestle did some stuff in the UK markets that came and went in the blink of an eye

For a while they used to do those sorta cheap Disney branded bars that had molds so the bar came out with Mickey Mouse or whatever thing Disney was shilling at the time out. The real big thing was they would usually have top-side standard milk chocolate and bottom side was white - which came out like a super creamy chocolate bite. Kinda like a Kinder egg.

Later on when 101 Dalmatians Live action came out, they made a "Dalmatian" chocolate bar - which in most markets seemed to use chocolate chips for the spots. My parents got a bar version that replaced the chocolate chips with cola candy spots and put it in my stocking for Christmas. I remember absolutely devouring the thing,

Then in about 2003 they made a premium chocolate bar line called Double Cream, which had Dove/Galaxy like flavour but even creamier (and tiny coco nibs for crunch). They introduced a white chocolate version that had dried mixed berries and it was a beautiful moment each time I had one. Alas apparently there wasn't much of a market for a premium chocolate bar in 2003 and they were gone months later from the school vending machine.


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I kind of miss the original Toblerone bar even though they brought it back. A few years back they suddenly switched it to this pathetic ghost of itself, with huge gaps between the triangles in it. Even when they brought it back I couldn't forgive them for fucking gypping everyone with that shit.

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I don't want your stupid mickey mouse waffles that taste the same as normal ones, Eggo. Bring back the REAL king of breakfast.
I thought that was a chocolate covered waffle for a second. That sounds yummy.

Again, not a food but a formulation change but. Toaster strudels have gone to shit. I tried the cherry one recently. It tasted like someone asked an alien to synthesize "red fruit flavor" and failed. Horrible. I don't get why they change things that work.
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There was a brand called "Lifestream" in Canada, I think they got bought out by Kraft. They used to make puffed cereals, snacks, and rice cakes. The particular rice cakes they made were square and were similar in texture ("foamy" cracker) and composition to the foamy-textured Ryvita Snackbread (where Ryvita is made of wheat instead of rice). They came in several flavors and my favorite was the sundried tomato flavor; they were bloody addictive. They stopped making those rice cake-crackers sometime in the 1990s and I wish someone would grab the recipe and start making it again.


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The potato WEDGES from KFC. One day, I had a hankering for some and they replaced them with some bullshit fries. The potato wedges were the best thing on the menu and I'm salty about it.
Speaking of KFC in the 90s/very early 00s they had wraps called Twisters I miss those.
Also best sides at KFC are Mac and cheese and the gravy.

Clearly Canadian dranks. Gotdamn I still crave those to this day. They may be around but I've never seen them since the '90s. PB Maxx candy bars were damn good too.
Clearly Canadian made a comeback last year (at the latest), I don't know if its still around but it was in a few stores in my area.
Greek pitas at wendys were fucking good. If you're lazy enough to cram fast food in your sad decaying gut, then get some of the only kind that came from a drive thru window and tasted like a garden and wasn't primarily composed of shit ass iceberg lettuce.

Even cannibals have to watch our figures and veggies help pass the remains of our last victim. Come on dave thomas, give up the fucking pitas or you're next.
Arby's gyros are better then they have any right to be, and my area is full of Greek and mediterranean resturants.
Planters Cheese Balls were discontinued and have been gone for the past 13 years but they are back now for a limited time.

These are the best cheese balls, just the right amount of crunch and cheese flavoring.
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Planters brought them back a year or two ago, I doubt its "limited time only"
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Planters Cheese Balls were discontinued and have been gone for the past 13 years but they are back now for a limited time.

These are the best cheese balls, just the right amount of crunch and cheese flavoring.
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They were brought back in 2018 in alot of places. I saw them at a store a few months ago

Also available on amazon:

Also never tried it but always wanted to, OK Soda. I wonder if Coca Cola will ever bring it back. Anyone ever try it?
I had it a few times back in the day. Didn't like it much, always seemed like it was undercarbonated and half flat. Come to think of it big 8 cola reminds me alot of it

and they need to bring back squeeze its
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The few McDonalds that still make pizza though those aren't sanctioned by McDonalds corporate are they? I mean they're just franchises that make pizza and not necessarily the McPizza.
as far as I know there's one that does
it's more that there's a small quick service pizzeria built in to a giant McDonalds, like one of those "Blaze" or whatever fast service subway-ish pizza joints, rather than some crazy guy in the back trying to make pizzas on McDonalds equipment