Discord Packing Community / Mourn / Underpants22 / Void / ThizzKid - Fast-paced faux-Internet Bloodsports by black people on Discord, recently exposed pedophile, exceptional hood-sperg orbiters

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"May you live in interesting times."
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The Discord Packing Community

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Many kiwis are well familiar with the Faggotry of Christmas Past that was Internet Bloodsports. For those that are blissfully ignorant, just know it was when YouTube livestreamers with high senses of self-importance would yell slurs at each other over Skeptic and alt-right e-drama. Now imagine this genre, but on Discord, between backwater wannabe-gangsters, and over... well, nothing, really - it's just black people yelling at each other.

Unsurprisingly, this genre of people yelling at each other became marginally popular among a wider general audience. The clip above is of Marski, one of the three biggest 'packers,' and went viral on zoomer Mecca TikTok earlier this year.

While the popular matchups are posted as clips to YouTube, the live experience is held on Discord in a few servers. The three main servers where this would take place were Void, /packing, and Goonie. Void was created by some group of people that included the names Bluay, Ry, and Leg. The group would make a YouTube channel, void, to post clips from the server, but they've since unlisted all of their packing videos on their main channel to pursue a YouTube career, making diss tracks in 2020 & 2021 on people like Jake Paul and Dream.
aae - void.jpg

To their credit, they have blown up, but that doesn't stop this trailer for their old server from being any less cringe:

/packing, named after the server's join link (discord.gg/packing) was created by ThizzKid, who initially started as a Roblox YouTuber who specialized in Roblox Hood Roleplays, then transitioned into Roblox Packing, then to Discord Packing.
aag - Thizz Vids.jpg

aah - Thizz Dad.jpg

According to this video uploaded to Thizz's adjunct channel for /packing, /packing and Void have merged, to be co-owned by ThizzKid and Leg. Then not four days later, Thizz, much like void, announced he was leaving the server to focus on his own YouTube career. In the video, he states that he has spent upwards of $1,000 on the server. For what, I have no fucking idea:

To continue building off of the IBS comparison, the Goonie server is essentially Discord Packing's Backyard Bloodsports: they're the not-quite bottom-feeders that are hard to find info on that despite their size are still a part of the genre. If I'm able to find out anything funny down the line I'll either add it here or just post it in the thread.

There haven't been too many incidents that have bled into other parts of the Internet, but I did find this clip of a group of packers Zoombombing a live court hearing:

Now, believe it or not, there's less actual internal drama and hatred in Discord Packing than there was in the Aryan Colosseum of IBS (makes you think 🤔), but when there is a massive happening, it can get pretty bad...

Larry Howard Washington Jr. / Mournhill / Babieyoumi / Psynatra / Skullrape666 / GoreFolder
(Note: this section is essentially going to be a rehash of everything laid out in the Doxbin upload about Larry that you can find here).


Larry Washington Jr., better known as Mourn within the Discord Packing scene, was considered one of the "packing legends" by many. And honestly, that wasn't without reason - he definitely embodied the genre:

  • Spongebob reference
  • Naruto reference
  • Diss of opponent's hairline and/or forehead
  • "I am having sex with your mother"
  • "Ugly ass nigga"
  • "Gitcho"

However, some rumors began to circulate that Mourn was e-dating minors over Discord (ain't that a bitch). These rumors were mainly being purported by one Underpants22, who made a series of videos to EXPOSE Mourn.

These videos received mixed reception, as Underpants wasn't considered the most credible person to be making these accusations. Some people thought that Mourn was "acting sus," others wanted to wait until Mourn responded and provided context. And boy did Mourn respond: he, through some line of contact to the owners of Doxbin (that connection still doesn't make much sense to me), got Underpants doxed, and shortly after the upload of said dox, released a response video that poked holes in many parts of Underpants's claims.



He made some good points, like the fact that some of the Discord messages were edited, or that Underpants had omitted the fact that some of the girls had lied about their age. Additionally, the dox Vile had done on Underpants included his extensive online history, which was that of a terminally online doxer/swatter/extorter, so the dude's credibility was completely shot in the court of public opinion without Mourn needing to do much, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

This "drama" came to a head when Mourn and Underpants got into a "Discord Court Case" on the Void server. I'm not going to dig through it and pick apart every single point from both sides (spoiler alert, they're both fucking degens), but I will say that at one point Mourn tried to say that Underpants22 swatted him during the court's four minute recess without any proof like an exceptional individual (and half the fucking server bought it like even bigger retards). Regardless, here's the full encounter:

This isn't likely to be taken down, but I have it downloaded just in case, and will upload it here should it be.

So, Mourn had completely cleared his name of all charges, cementing himself as the effective Slazo of Discord Packing, right? Well, considering this section is about Mourn and not the controversy itself, not quite. As people did some more critical sifting through the screenshots and testimonies that Underpants had brought forward, there were actually a few instances of Mourn outright lying. For example, there's the aforementioned attempt at claiming Underpants did an any% speedrun of swatting him in four minutes flat, but there's also this example from Underpants's video:

Not exactly the sign of an innocent...

As some people, including the aforementioned doxing group Vile, did more digging, they found that Mourn actually was knowingly engaging with a minor as a 21 year-old, thanks to the testimony of a 15-year-old girl that got into contact with them.

With all of this in mind, the group decided to confront Mourn throughout multiple Discord calls. During these calls, Mourn fucking lost it, yelling at one of the Vile members talking to him and threatening to slit his wrists and commit suicide in front of the girl (oh yeah, did I mention she was present for this, too?).

*talking to the 15-year-old*
"We're gonna meet [in person], and you know that."
"It's different with you, I love you."
"If loving you makes me a pedophile, then I don't care."

Threatening to kill himself in front of the girl.

Threatening suicide pt. 2


Unbeknownst to Mourn, during one of these confrontations, another Vile member had managed to gain access to Mourn's Snapchat account. Within his camera roll was a censored picture of his driver's license, which, using Snapchat's undo button, the person taking the video just uncensored and screenshotted, lmao

Vile also hacked into Mourn's email account, and, like his above alias "GoreFolder", they found a gore folder :cryblood:
gorefolder email hacked.png



Now would be a good time to highlight other aspects of Mourn's degeneracy. For instance, one of the not-really-contested parts of Underpants's video on Mourn was the fact that Mourn met and fucked a tranny:

trans (yung mourn).jpg

Here he is engaging with a scat account on his Twitter alt:
fucking ew.png

And circling back to his relationships on Discord, here's a particularly embarrassing exchange in which he completely fails to act "seductively dominant" when the girl he's talking to is trying to tell him to fuck off:

Following most of the shit he got from Vile, Mourn put out a vague "working on myself" type video (first five minutes is just The Mourn Cooking Channel for some reason) in which he confesses he was molested as a kid, that he got crystals from a woman once(?), and doubles down on his relationship with a 15 year-old before he apparently checked himself into a mental hospital.

underpants comment.jpg

In the video, Mourn states that a new era is beginning, so he might plan on coming back once he's gotten more stable. We'll have to wait and see!

But speaking of Underpants, why don't we take a look at what all it was that Vile had found on him that was so damning...

Nicholas Edward LaFon / Underpants22 / "Brett" / Bab / NickOk / Gabriel_Martinez
(Note: this is also based off of a Doxbin upload you can find here).


Before entering the orbit of micro-ecelebs on Discord, Nick was in the orbit of nano-ecelebs on Rabb.it, a site originally intended for watch parties, similar to CyTube. Nick originally got involved with the Rabb.it community through his IRL brother, Christopher "Fortify" LaFon, who was a notorious swatter in the seedier corners of the site. Below is a video of a recorded SWAT that Christopher performed, uploaded to YouTube by one Nick LaFon:
chris lafon.jpg

(Link) (Channel Link)

Nick, also active on the site TinyChat, became notorious for, similar to his brother, doxing/swatting/extorting people, usually younger women, under the name Gabriel_Martinez. That is, he doxes/swats/extorts people when he isn't busy being as creepy around minors as Mourn is.
(The voice in these videos is Nick's)

For reference, here's a clearer clip of Nick's voice:

Nick, high off his own Internet Badass farts, commonly made "exposé graphics(?)" for random e-girls on TinyChat / Rabb.it. Neither I nor Vile has any concrete evidence he targeted underaged girls with these specific acts, but as an act of journalistic integrity, I'm willing to keep an open mind:

The funniest part of Underpants's arc is the fact that he's supposed to be a member of a community whose main purpose is talking big and acting tough, but when confronted with this dox, he claims it's completely inaccurate, while simultaneously pussying out of going on camera in private!

Overall, Underpants doesn't seem like he's going anywhere. He commented on his first Mourn video four to five days ago, so he's still active, and he hasn't shown any signs of logging off. In that regard, he is definitely similar to the rest of this community of terminally online degenerate blacks.

To conclude, I look forward to seeing if this extremely volatile community of creators goes on to do anything else down the line. It's already given rise to three careers and has given a taste of the spotlight to countless other Discord mental cases, so it's only a matter of time until something else nuclear happens triggered by some hood-sperg and the community half-implodes on itself again. Hopefully next time it involves less pedophiles and felony hacking! 😅


(Thanks to @Distant Ranger for this idea)

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

If anybody else wants to help contribute to the thread, the best course of action for finding content is simply to occasionally check in on the various Discord servers the community has set up, the main two of which being Void and /packing. The administration for the servers will set up official events between the more established packers, and everyone else in the server can pile in and watch. When there isn't anything planned, there's almost always around ten or more people in one of the dozen or so public VC's, and they're almost always yelling/screaming at each other - they're very active.

And of course, it wouldn't hurt to do deep dives on some of the packers themselves. I don't know if you'd be able to tell by looking at them, but they aren't really known for their opsec ;)

Big thanks to @dox for help with drafting/digging.
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Of course this Nick dude is from Florida and engaging with middle-schoolers while being 28 years old lmao
Honestly anything discord related is gonna be cringe, it's all always a cycle of attention seeking, edating, witch hunting and then nuking the server because "muh depression". Rinse and repeat. It's like all the negative traits of zoomers tied into a single cancer app


Good spooky boi
Of course this Nick dude is from Florida and engaging with middle-schoolers while being 28 years old lmao
Honestly anything discord related is gonna be cringe, it's all always a cycle of attention seeking, edating, witch hunting and then nuking the server because "muh depression". Rinse and repeat. It's like all the negative traits of zoomers tied into a single cancer app
And like cancer, there is only one solution: Nuke it to to the ground until there is nothing but a crater.

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to watch niggers nigging, you'd have to drive to your local ghetto and do your best to avoid being shot.

These days, all the nigging you could ever want is piped directly into one's own basement or crack den without setting foot outside.

What a time to be alive.

Great OP, OP.


The cuter the avatar, the uglier the person.
Some of those images are stretched. Fix it quick, OP!
Good thread, mate.

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"May you live in interesting times."
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Some of those images are stretched. Fix it quick, OP!
Good thread, mate.
Idk what you mean by stretched, but thank you!

One thing I wanted to include in the OP but couldn't find a good place for was this thing the Void server would do where they'd make these credits roll type whose-who roll-calls of all the notable people in the community.

It is hilarious to me how many white elementary and middle school kids there are amongst all these "gangsta" blackcels. I legitimately have no idea how that happened lmfao