Discord to Police Their Platform -

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Discord is going to take down the sex grooming servers that target black teens but not literally every other teen I bet. Good job furry mods!
BTW if you have to use the broken piece of shit that is Discord, install Ripcord. At least you won't have to see the damn program shoving BLM propaganda in your face while you exchange gamer words with your friends.


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so 90% of Hoi4 servers will be deleted for spicy memes? how will we vet noobs than?

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I honestly think that Discord is going to die out in 2-3 years. All it takes is people finding out about another application that does what Discord does but better for it to go under.
That's the amount of time before we see a new platform get released where the masses will flock to that. Every five to seven years another huge platform get's released making the older one obsolete.