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Acid Tech Tiger
I remember that Disney movie about the dog that was traumatized by a broom.
Oh fuck, now I now do too suddenly, I remembered it as "that Disney corgi movie" until that very term gave me a name. I also remember it somewhat pissing me off as a kid. I can't find it anywhere to jog my memory, so here's what I remember:


The front cover is deceptive, because those kids are maybe a quarter of his interactions in the entire movie when he's with his family before getting lost (for a reason), with the rest of his arc there being the mom, and getting traumatized by a broom is exactly what happens. After showing how he was a puppy that everyone decided to name Candy (because he's the same color?) and other cute dog stuff, he does something bad, and their mom goes absolutely apeshit on him with a broom, and it's was extremely violent for what was billed as a Disney cute dog movie

It's this really fast smackdown, mom is yelling the standard "YOU FILTHY THING SHOO SHOO" stuff with a 60's housewife shriek, and he's yelping, making lots of the usual dog-in-pain noises, and then mom smacks him inbetween the stove and a wall in the corner, props the broom up to keep him restrained back there while she cleans, and she proceeds to forget about him overnight. Once she remembers and frees him, we get this cut of the narrator assuring us Candy is quick to forgive, but he now hates brooms as a result. This might've been a pretty standard dog interaction back then, but in the late 90's, this registered more as animal abuse

Eventually, he does something to escape the nightmare house, and then he finds a nice farm out in the country where he serves as a sheepdog to some farmer guy. They have a cute farmer/sheepdog relationship, and there's this part where sweeping causes his broom trigger to flare-up, and instead of smacking him with it, farmer guy throws it out the window and it lands in a tree, and they're both happy again. More stuff happens, and Candy decides to go home during a storm, but while he leaves, the broom falls down from the tree right in front of the way out of the farm, and after he summons corgi courage, he runs right past it, and goes back home to a happy family in standard movie fashion, where kids like me are wondering why the fuck he'd go back there after all that, he got to be the nippy little fuck he was made to be and chase sheep on the farm

I think it was a Wonderful World of Disney special, there were a couple really entertaining/raw animal ones. My fave is the one about two grizzly bear cubs who terrorize Yellowstone while their mom terrorizes Yellowstone (angrily) to find them, they actually show her getting tranquilized/shot, then marked with a bigass yellow paint blotch on her face, and you can tell she's fucking PISSED when they're doing it, probably because she was jammed in a barrel-sized mobile bear jail to do so. It was attached to another movie about an otter family with delinquent children. I don't remember a lot about that one, but one part involved an otter trying to catch a carp that liked to fuck with them and hide in sunken donkey engine

Michael Jacks0n

You know I'm bad, I'm bad.


Update on Disney and its Covid stuff:
Have a trip in October (booked last October), they just cancelled all of my dining reservations because the new rule is 60 days out even with an annual pass.


Electric Boogaloo
We stand for inclusion.
We stand for inclusion.
We stand for inclusion.
We here at Multinational Corporation want to let you know that we care deeply about your money. To this end, we'll pledge support for a band of arsonists and thieves because we're told this will end Racism. We've also been told that this will appeal to the coveted 18-34 demographic, who've been brainwashed by social media into supporting this behavior. We look forward to devoting more and more of our company profits into promoting Ideological Cause, until All Companies Are One, and Profits are nothing but a Social Construct. All Hail Emperor Soros and the New World Order!


Going to beat the record of the Robert E. Lee
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Twitter is apparently trying to cancel fucking Splash Mountain because it's racist or some shit, even though literally all the kinda-racist themes from the original Song of the South are buried deep in Disney's vaults and they refuse to let them see the light of the day.
This is the stupidest fucking thing.

The Brer Rabbit characters getting divorced from Uncle Remus is a good thing. At least I know Disney isn't listening.