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Redemption and second chances have long been superhero movie staples, and today it looks like life has imitated art. I’ve learned that Disney has reinstated James Gunn as the writer-director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and I’ve confirmed it with Marvel and Gunn’s camp.

The decision to rehire Gunn –he was fired last July by Disney after alt-right journalists made public a fusillade of decade old social media missives that made light of pedophilia and rape — was one that was mulled and actually made months ago, following conversations with Disney studio leadership and the team at Marvel Studios. Why the change of heart? After the firing, Walt Disney Studios president Alan Horn met with Gunn on multiple occasions to discuss the situation. Persuaded by Gunn’s public apology and his handling of the situation after, Horn decided to reverse course and reinstate Gunn.

The social media messages were indefensible, but the filmmaker never did anything but blame himself for poor judgment displayed at a time when he was emerging from the Troma film factory and attempting to be a provocateur. There were no reports that Gunn ever engaged in the behavior he lampooned. Unlike the defensive posture exhibited by Kevin Hart that led him to skip hosting the Oscars, Gunn fell on his sword early and often and never lashed out at Disney.

Ultimately, Gunn’s missives were poorly chosen words and not actions, though Disney’s quick trigger was completely understandable when the social media messages were first reported by outlets like Fox News. Those outlets reported that Gunn’s missives were exposed as payback for Gunn being a vocal critic of President Donald Trump.

Gunn’s return to Guardians of the Galaxy 3 got complicated when he signed on to write and direct the Suicide Squad sequel for Warner Bros and DC. Marvel Studios has agreed to commence production on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after Gunn completes Suicide Squad 2. Making the whole thing easier though was the fact that Marvel Studios never met with or considered any other director for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, despite speculation that Thor: Ragnarok helmer Taika Waititi and Vice helmer Adam McKay were in the mix.

Marvel Studios has remained mum on all details concerning Guardians of the Galaxy 3, as the Kevin Feige-led division turned its focus toward Captain Marveland Avengers: Endgame. Marvel this week set Destin Daniel Cretton to direct Shang-Chi.

Prior to his dismissal, Gunn had written a script which Marvel confirmed would be used for the third Guardians of the Galaxy installment. I expect Gunn to confirm all this as he supports the release of Brightburn, the David Yarovevsky-directed Elizabeth Banks-starrer that he produced and Sony releases May 24.

There will be an inevitable chorus of those who will gripe about Gunn’s return, but creatively, Guardians will benefit from his return. The entire cast of the film was outspoken in its desire to have Gunn back, saying that those satiric tweets did not match his personal actions. The cast clearly loves him; Chris Pratt, Zoey Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker and Pom Klementieff all pleaded for Gunn’s return, in an open letter. The controversy shattered the camaraderie that the cast had with the filmmaker and put a strongly performing franchise in limbo. Marvel has done a great job allowing its filmmakers to inject their personalities into each franchise, and perhaps none has been as stamped by one filmmaker as Gunn on the Guardians franchise. The first two installments grossed over $1.6 billion worldwide, with the sequel out grossing the first picture.

Soon after the announcement of Gunn’s firing, fans circulated a petition urging Disney to reconsider. On October 31st, a fan crowdfunded billboard went up in Anaheim, CA to rehire Gunn.

Disney is days from closing its acquisition of the assets of Fox and while the company will always be family first, it is somehow reassuring that there is room for second chances, and for a good director to have a chance to overcome a colossally stupid mistake.

UTA and The Safran Company rep Gunn.

Tasty Tatty
This is actually good so the people involved with the movie won't be affected in any way.

The bad side is that Gunn will probably learn nothing. I hope I'm wrong on this.

redpill me on cernovich

all I know is this nigga got Gunn fired, but who is he?
Half-Christian, Half-Jew Serb descent American liberal who is overall good but definitely loves to hype himself and to present himself as a guru of different things so he can make as much profit as possible (which isn't necessarily bad). Whatever opinion he actually has on things, we might never know because he tends to jump into the most popular bandwagon. He's "Imma edgi boi" act has also brought him a lot of trouble.

As a person, though, he seems to be nice. He looks like he's indeed a good hubs and a good dad.

(sorry for the double post)

MuuMuu Bunnylips

I'm the greatest thing since World War 3.
There has to be a statute of limitations on shit like this. You can go digging up something someone did fifteen or twenty years ago and use it as an excuse to unperson them.

That would be like refusing to let me take out books from a library because I once returned books three days late when I was a kid.
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Smaug's Smokey Hole

dragron: the bruges tea soirée
The social media messages were indefensible, but the filmmaker never did anything but blame himself for poor judgment displayed at a time when he was emerging from the Troma film factory and attempting to be a provocateur.

...made public a fusillade of decade old social media missives that made light of pedophilia and rape...
His last thing with Troma was in 2000 and in 2018 his tweets from 2012 was more like half a decade ago and they were posted on twitter under his own name so they were already public. Why lie?

I have a lot of opinions about this:

The movie fan in me is actually extremely happy, because now I'm interested in Guardians 3. I also have to laugh at Marvel's timing. Days ago, I posted on the Captain Marvel thread that if that film was any indication of how the "cosmic stuff" was going to unfold without James Gunn at the helm (because it was confirmed that he was going to oversee all of that stuff), then the MCU would be in huge trouble. Marvel and Disney know: Captain Marvel is a sucky movie, and only a week after its release, they rehire James Gunn. Hilarious.

Another part of me is happy because I'm sick of the outrage mob dictating what happens to people. Also, Mike Cernovich sucks.

But another part of me is like, "Of course he gets his job back. What about Roseanne?" Oh. Right. James Gunn has the "right" opinions, so of course he gets a pass. If Gunn had remained jobless at Disney, I wouldn't have felt sorry for him simply because he was an active part of the outrage mob as well. Live by the sword, die by the sword, I say.

All in all, I hope Gunn stops having self-important keyboard diarrhea on social media, and I especially hope that those tweets he posted in the past were just lame attempts at jokes and nothing more.

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