Do black lives matter - A deep thoughts poll

Do black lives matter?

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Strange Wilderness
To quote Moonman: "They're worth less than fecal matter"

Alright to be serious yes Black lives do matter. ALL lives matter. Police brutality should be an issue that transcends race and all the other nonsense the media tries to divide everyone with. By framing it as a racial issue it prevents half the country from coming together on the issue thus preventing any attempt at really fixing the issue outside of B.S. sensitivity training courses and Nogs chimpingout every now and then.

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Black on Black crime stats tell me that Blacks don't care about other Blacks [no matter how much they yell BLM]. I would be remiss if I didn't state that it is indicative of how little this group of people [in general] value both their own and others' lives. Now if it's a phone, sneakers and materialistic things, then they value those above many lives.
The only people who truly care about Black lives are those espousing that ALL LIVES matter; a comment which will see you labelled a Racist faster than Hillary deleted those drives!
Whites who virtue signal and get on their knees do not care about Black lives and it is NOT how to end Racism; more so, it will perpetuate it..

PS: I should have not thought about this and just liked @NOT Sword Fighter Super's comment LOL


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deep thought: does a mouse's life matter? if not, why does a human's life matter? what makes a human's life more valuable than a mouse's life? intelligence? if that's the case, stupid people's lives matter significantly less than a normal person's life and retard lives are worth no more than a monkey or dolphin's life.
That one's pretty straightforward:
Morality is largely a pragmatic construct. The question at hand almost always "would society function better or worse if people behaved in [x] manner?"
In the case of which lives matter, we all generally agree being murdered is a bad thing. So killing people is wrong in most cases. We generally agree that rodents are a nuisance, so their lives don't matter so much. Pet animals are in a middle ground because they provide us comfort and utility.

If you're wondering why humans come first: the simple answer is because WE'RE human.
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Black lives as in people who are black that just want to live and love like everyone else? Hell yeah they do.
Black lives as in the negros destroying shit, LARPing as full-blooded africans when the extent of their african knowledge is the commercials from UNICEF and the Lion King, and making non-negros trip over themselves in any conversation by telling them they'll always be racist no matter what they do? No. Fuck them and their ratnest hairstyles.

You can support black people without supporting Black Lives Matter. I'm sure there were blacks who didn't support Malcom X, the Black Panthers, or even MLK back in the day. Just like there's blacks who don't support Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and of course Obama.

Assuming every person who shares the same traits must think and do the same things? There's a word for that. 🚬