Do black lives matter - A deep thoughts poll

Do black lives matter?

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K. V. Bones

Of course they matter! Here at Racism Incorporated, we believe all black lives matter, I mean without these pavement apes we would be out of business!

Racism Incorporated happily supports black lives matter, keep on looting and shooting my melanin rich individuals, and we will stay in the golden age for the Company!

The Token Ethnic

Life is not amusement for me.
It's odd. There's a lot of black on black violence, the neighborhood stays quiet when there's crime or a killing and there's as much discrimination within their own people... but once something happens akin to Rodney King or George Floyd then they're as united as can be. Not even my own kind does stuff like this. No decent person deserves to die, regardless of their ethnicity/color. When it comes to the ones that aren't... I sure won't miss them when they're gone.


I need a better username.
The bitter irony of all this is that Black Lives Matter has probably done more to harm the lives of black people in the United States than any other organization in the last twenty years.
Wouldn't that be their real objetive?, to perpetuate the problem so they will keep existing and taking money from donations?
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Osama bin Ladkin
No. Practically, black lives are pretty disposable IRL and the people with the most power over black lives (blacks) throw them away like used cans of hair grease.

Homoerotic Cougar-kun

A life matters insofar as said life improves the world around them in some fashion. Some lives matter more than others, simply because they are more impactful on their world. Someone who creates an important medicine or procedure that eliminates a deadly disease or other debilitating condition, for example. Some (most, perhaps) people are a net loss to their world.

Black lives, as a generalized rule, cannot matter, because "black" is not a person. "Black" has done nothing of note. "Black" has no major contributions to world betterment to its name. "Black" is a color, a concept, inanimate and inert, possessing no will or desire, exercising no real influence on the world around it.