Do kiwis believe in god? - Really autistic poll inside

Which of these most closely matches your beliefs on god & religion?

  • Gnostic Antitheist: There's no such thing as god, and I'm sure of it, and all religion is BS.

  • Gnostic Atheist: There's no such thing as god, and I'm sure of it, but religion may be useful.

  • Agnostic Atheist: I don't think there are god(s), there's just not enough evidence to say for sure.

  • Apatheist: I don't care about the existence of god(s) or religion, other stuff is more important.

  • Agnostic Theist: I think there are god(s), but I could be swayed. I have religious/spiritual belief.

  • Agnostic Deist: I think there are god(s), but I could be swayed. Anyways, religion is dumb.

  • Gnostic Theist: God(s) are real, and I have religious beliefs I take seriously.

  • Simulationist: Reality is a simulation, "god" is just the guy(s) with admin rights.

  • Something else (reply in the thread)

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Haim Arlosoroff

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Jan 27, 2021
Atheists always want to talk about "god" all the time.

90% of the time its the Christian God, 10% of the time its Allah, but what gets me is that 0% of the time its the original religion and the new Rabbinic Traditions that actually began after 500 AD.

We, too, learn in the following baraita that there is no legal significance to an act of intercourse with a girl less than three years old: A girl three years and one day old can be betrothed via sexual intercourse;

Nov 11, 2021
What's the deal with rabbinic judaism?

I mean wasn't The Jesus all about taking down those wicked money lenders in the temple and cleansing all that rabbinic corruption in the first place?

Aren't the talmuds just a collection of previously oral teachings?

Most of the really disgusting things people quote about Judaism is found there but yeah, hasn't it always been there orally?


Aug 17, 2020
I think there's a god/s but it clearly doesn't give a shit abt us.
That said, it is really retarded to just discredit all the good shit religion has brought b/c off what some sword swinging niggas did centuries ago and what some are still doing in some distant corner today.
Kind of interesting how many believers there are based on the votes so far. I wonder if that has to do with KF hosting a large group of people who have been de-platformed by the mainstream liberal online world, or just some kind of coincidence.
It could be b/c if you look at the stats, atheists/agnostics/whatever don't even make a fifth of the global population.
A lot off ppl are religious but many of'em are quite loose abt it.
This is becoming quite a common sight where I'm from, and my province tends to have alotta fundies.
Well, my beliefs are solid, i don't believe in gods, but i don't care about the others about their own beliefs.

Now, thinking creatively; i made a world with angels & demons, they have their own worlds inside Earth but they're not different, one are guided by the Light & the other in Darkness but both factions are both violent, conquerors and even "slaved" humanity at the dawn of time.

I'm gonna really like somebody here if someone found the main inspiration of this.
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Hot Cup of Joe
Apr 23, 2021
It took a billion years to get to the point where one species had an advanced brain (us) and in a way, we are Gods, or God-like, without being divine. We create and take life, we alter out surroundings and nature, we create and transmute one object in to another (tree becomes table).

Is it impossible to believe that another planet, somewhere in that vast, open expanse of space, expanding for 14+ billion years, that a species has an even higher powered brain, or a brain on a higher level of conciousness than ours? A species more God like and divine than us is entirely possible.

Has that possibly reached Earth and acted in a way in which we believe they are Gods? I don't know.

Exceptionally Exceptional

True & Honest Fan
Mar 17, 2018
I kinda lean towards the Agnostic Atheist side of things. But keep in mind that all we have in terms of god claims all come from very primitive humans from a single planet.
For all I know in the center of the galaxy is an actual fucking deity hard at work shitting out planets to fill out the endless expanse of creation that not one of us has managed to figure out enough to create a religion around. For all I know there were once gods that spent a lot of their time fucking with humans and eventually got bored and left. Or maybe there's been a line of gods succeeding each other like one of my old friends thought.
I have no fucking idea, and frankly I doubt my limited human brain is even equipped to begin to search for the conclusive evidence that a god exists or does not exist. It's a daunting task that far too many people think is going to be a school fucking picnic to tackle.

Jul 15, 2019
I'm somewhere swimming around the middle of your rankings. Agnostic anyway, as an epistemological issue I think it's ultimately unknowable. So is it impossible to "know" on the simulation issue.

I think you've missed a corollary to apatheist though which is probably where I lie.

My most consistent position could be described as "I don't know if there is a God, and at heart i don't care if there is, but the concept is an important one for society to function".

That's why you'll usually find me on the side of the theists and the agnostics.

Gnostics of all stripes are insufferable generally but some of the gnostic theists are very touching in how much they care.

Jul 24, 2020
Yes, though I also believe that God(s) is not comprehensible to the human mind, hence the proliferation of parables and intermediaries.

Dec 17, 2019
Believe in an existence of a god (though not necessarily the Abrahamic god), simple reason is that reality is so insanely complicated that the notion that it just so happens to exist and exist perfectly is far more retarded than having some sky daddy program every tiny detail.

The Spice boi

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Feb 29, 2020
I'm not a religious man, and just couldn't bring myself to believe based on the world as I see it.

That being said, I do think the general christian virtues are a great system to live by, and try to follow them as a generalist guide to not being a shitty person. Probably my one gripe is over zealous evangelism, particularly the groups who prey upon the less fortunate and con men in general


The Superior HP Lovecraft's Cat
Sep 9, 2021
I believe there is a God. Closest thing to my personal beliefs is probably Gnostic Christianity.

As to why- Won't bore you with a wall of text so I'll spoiler

Was raised trad Catholic, as I grew older I encountered many issues with doctrine and with the legitimacy of church authority. Became agnostic theist/Deist, considered atheism but rejected it as I felt the evidence of intelligent design was too strong. Then considered Protestantism, but rejected it as it is ultimately a theological dead end that doesn't allow for spiritual growth. Have had a lifelong interest in both philosophy and the paranormal, which led me to research Bhuddism and Zoroastrianism. This in turn led me to the Gnostic Gospels, as the Book of Zoroaster is explicitly cited in the Gospel of Thomas.

I am Christian in that I believe God sent Christ to "save" us by showing us how to escape this world. But my more detailed beliefs (especially relating to the corruption of Christ's original teachings) are definitely at odds with mainstream Christian theology.


my smile is a rifle
Oct 19, 2021
I don't believe in a God, also I don't believe that people should base their lives around other people. For me, suicide is fine, nonetheless, the person should be treated with the adequate psychiatrist and psychologist, because it is a really extreme decision.
I don't believe in a God, or maybe in a christian sense. but wouldn't be mad if it existed. If my suicide happens in the future and I go sent to hell I will be fine, I guess?
But in reality I don't believe in such a thing so lol. Imagine we all in a blank space staring at each other.


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Nov 12, 2021
I believe in an afterlife and some higher power. Too many paranormal/spiritual experiences for me to not think that. However, most people into organized religion are quite the loonies.

Heeb Weeb
Nov 3, 2019
I believe there is a God and strongly suspect that Christianity, at least the core tenets around Christ as the messiah, is the true path. I am not a Christian at this point in my life nor have I ever truly been despite a nominally Catholic upbringing and the efforts of others in my life. My beliefs are centered around two points:

1 - The only period in my life in which I honestly, fervently prayed found those prayers answered.
2 - The pure, unmasked hatred that those people I oppose in this current society express for Christianity (and only Christianity). It's probably just my contrarian nature but it really gets the ole noggin' joggin'.