Do my new clothes fit reading comments 04/22/20 - April 22, 2020


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Benzo's face is HUGE.
Looks bizarre!

Excuses and more lies. I seriously doubt a therapist told her she had PTSD.
Didn't her foster parents get her what she needed and even signed her up on WW?
We know she was never starved growing up.
Those clothes are hideous tents.
I would not believe her shit is size 4 unless she shows the size tag.
She's huge and that right tree trunk looks bigger.
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“Reading comments”....the desperation is real.

Amber’s so fucking desperate to regain her YT death fat crown she’s headline advertising the fact she will def read your snarky ass comments (and maybe even react!!) if you just please, please, please watch her video.

Gorl is seriously freaking out, and should be, about her views plunging during the corona adopocolypse . Amber has seen the future and it looks just like Becky’s nightmare family. She is feeling the impending doom of living on disability in a trailer in KY, just like thumby’s entire family tree, closing in on her as the line on the social blade and YT ad revenue graphs sink lower and lower.

Just because she can fit shit over her head and pull it down, doesn't mean it fits. The first dress was oddly both too big and too small, and the second one was too small. The cardigan didn't even come together!

Now the pants, oh, the pants. No woman who is not very thin should wear pants that scream MAGENTA!!!!!! I'm not saying heavy women have to stick to neutrals and blacks, but if you're buying palazzo pants in size ginormous, that's a lot of fabric for such a bright color. Even a muted red would be ok, but those are really bright. Kudos to her for finding a pair of slacks that aren't leggeeeens and don't squeeze her trunks. But it's not that she needs them in a smaller size, she just needs them altered. Has she never heard of a tailor? Because a smaller size won't allow the material to skim over the trunks. That's not to say even tailored, they'd be flattering. But it would be a change from the leggings.

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As others have mentioned, she doesn't need an Rx for Vit. D & there's no benefit to her waiting for one - if that's the problem. It's not as if she has insurance covering her drug costs.

Sorry Amber - the only thing that came close to fitting WERE those pants & here's a staggeringly novel notion to consider - hem up the pants. Yeah, right.

Yammering on YT is far from talking with friends. In genuine conversations, friends talk back - it's not a monologue & good friends won't hesitate to call you out on your shit.

She's terrified of meds because: "anything that can control you in some way." Guess her therapist never mentioned food can be one of the most insidious drugs out there, eh?

She knows her channel is hurting. She hates comment of the day for obvious reasons. She found a way of bringing Becky into her upload twice - the old film of her & her snickering at the pants.

PTSD my ass. The diagnostic criteria are pretty strict & having a therapist say her symptoms sounded a lot LIKE PTSD is not a diagnosis.

And what happened to the weigh in?

The pants seemed to actually be her size.. although she doesn't understand that because everything else that "fits" in her mind is skin tight and a few sizes too small.

That stripped dress was hilarious.

I knew the ptsd thing was a bunch of bullshit because it she had of been diagnosed with it she would have shoved it down our throats already.


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Wow, the Thumb was a cuter kid than Al.
I also love the fact that Big Al is panicking over the huge drop in her income. Al's always ghosted her channel around the 21st of the month...not anymore. Gotta make that coin to keep the Good Ship Fatass and Friends afloat.
Looking forward to more panic. You weirdos who wanna see her legs may get your wish :)


I feel like off of lexapro my vlogs are better.
Reasons why she stays up all night:
-No routine
-Has the mentality and lifestyle of a teenager
-stays up reading about whatever fucked up body problem shes having that week instead of contacting a doctor.

My sleep schedule is quite similar to that right now due to quarantine. I don't believe for a second that she lays down and tosses and turns, shes most likely laying in bed online and cant wind down. I see we are still filming videos while your loving partner tries sleeping in the background.