Do my new clothes fit reading comments 04/22/20 - April 22, 2020


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Wow, the Thumb was a cuter kid than Al.
I also love the fact that Big Al is panicking over the huge drop in her income. Al's always ghosted her channel around the 21st of the month...not anymore. Gotta make that coin to keep the Good Ship Fatass and Friends afloat.
Looking forward to more panic. You weirdos who wanna see her legs may get your wish :)
If that’s the case this month’s check must have really caused her to panic.

Just because she can fit shit over her head and pull it down, doesn't mean it fits. The first dress was oddly both too big and too small, and the second one was too small. The cardigan didn't even come together!

Now the pants, oh, the pants. No woman who is not very thin should wear pants that scream MAGENTA!!!!!! I'm not saying heavy women have to stick to neutrals and blacks, but if you're buying palazzo pants in size ginormous, that's a lot of fabric for such a bright color. Even a muted red would be ok, but those are really bright. Kudos to her for finding a pair of slacks that aren't leggeeeens and don't squeeze her trunks. But it's not that she needs them in a smaller size, she just needs them altered. Has she never heard of a tailor? Because a smaller size won't allow the material to skim over the trunks. That's not to say even tailored, they'd be flattering. But it would be a change from the leggings.
Paying a tailor to hem the pants would cost far more than the pants. I can’t even imagine the thin, cheap fabric of the sweatshop polyester she buys would hold up well to alterations anyway.

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Nothing prevents her from staying up all night & sleeping all day if that's what she wants to do. The shutdowns have caused a lot of people to change their sleep patterns & as long as you get done what needs doing in your life & a change in the hours one spends sleeping, does it matter?

But it's a "safe" thing for her to obsess about & conveniently allows her to ignore much more pertinent & important issues.


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Anybody else get the creeps when she was just forced laughing off camera?
Oh yeah. That was sliding fast into genuine nervous breakdown right there.

That outfit though, the stripey thing with the too long pants...just OMG gorl stop. What the hell was her butt doing? It had the weirdest jiggle I've ever seen a human body part do, ever.

Becky sure outgrew the cuteness she had as a baby.

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I guess they fit? Shrugs.

She's still fat though, so unless she drops a lot of weight, then her self looking ass will always be horrifying to look at.

I find it funny hoe her viewers are willing to take any tiny, morsel of positivity and shower Amberlynn with praises for doing the bare minimum of things. Good news is that Amber always let that get into her head and then mess up in her next video and piss off everyone again.



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You can tell it's too tight. The part that hangs loosely below her varied stomachs & rolls is wrinkled as all get out. The only unwrinkled areas are those where the material is stretched to within an inch of its sorry life. I don't know how she squeezed her arms into the sleeves, for that matter. Only Amber would do a try on haul of wrinkled items.


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So because of lockdown and wicked autism I looked at Amber's stats because I had a hunch that when Amber is concerned about revenue she bombards her audience.

So this is Amber pre 100 days of "content"

As you can see it is as you probably thought her lowest trough (ironic I know) Jan 2018 was about when Amber became mainstream. However as we all know this time around its much worse.

The viewing side of social blade is still accurate just not revenue but we know from other content makers that it is worse than 2017 adpocalypse like way worse a lot of people are saying they are making 60-70% less and it looks like it will be the case for probably the rest of the year. Amber's stats were already falling anyway and the 100 days last year was all a massive ploy to stay relevant. (she is legit worried about Chantal taking over her, you can tell.) She knows deep down that "I have saved up a lot" is utter bullshit because she has not. I think her 10k a month may of been a stretch because minus tax its more like 6.9k then eating etc, it soon ticks down.

She is going to dry and do another 100 days of content calling it but it is going to do nothing to her views just put on another 70k a day. Another user said that Amber's vids don't have any replayability which is true especially this year.

Have any of you noticed how she is again manipulating the angles to look thinner again?

Slight PL but Amber if you are reading if for 5 minutes of your shitty video I am off getting a coffee, then your "content" is pretty trash, the reactors make good background noise because its at least something. Amber you do not.

Yeah she starts reading her comments when she is desperate AF too. Just go outside get kissed by Corona chan and then that'll make some interesting viewing.


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Spoiler alert: they don't. Everything she wears looks like a pork roast wrapped in extremely tight butcher's twine.
Didn't even need to watch to figure that one out.

Is it just me or is ABLR's face getting bigger , but her features are getting smaller? It's a really fucked up optical illusion.

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so they couldn't buy an extra jumbo package of paper towels or any kind of cleaner while she was buying all the food for the ill-fated chest freezer fiasco? she made a point to show how well-stocked the kentucky wommart was, but i guess her anxiety about COVID-19 really is about her not being able to get her daily pallets of food (:_(

a normal sized person could use her new cardigan as a blanket, amazing
Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 1.32.11 AM.png

very considerate of torrid to keep making clothing that lets the land whales air out their humps!
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baby gorl trying to fly away

You better work
(Cover gorl)
Work it, gorl
(Give a tworl)
Do your thing on the runway
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